FACEBOOK BLOCKED Horseandman’s PROMOTION FOR NUNU! PLEASE SHARE. Poor NUNU would have garnered donations – far and wide – through promoting her story… but Facebook said, NO. She’s a horse in need, Facebook. Very sad decision, FB, very sad indeed..

I cannot believe that Facebook denied our promotion of NuNu’s story.  Why?!  We are trying to raise money for a horse who needs medical care to recover.

Why is her story any different than any other Bucket Fund story that we have promoted nearly every month for 10 years?

You can read her story here.

click image to read her story


I’m guessing that FB seems to feel that the man who rode NUNU nearly to her death down a Chicago freeway for 7 miles, whipping her when she fell – needs to be protected.

I guess FB feels that he had that right since he owned NUNU and was doing this stunt ‘for a good cause’ – even if he almost killed her.


That’s not the point FB.  We are using your platform to raise money to help this horse, not to make any political statement.

But by blocking the promotion for her fund raising,  you sure have have made your preference known.  This is very troubling indeed.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE TO NUNU, PLEASE DO SO HERE.  THANK YOU!  All donations are tax deductible. Thank you and please share.

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NuNu is recovering through constant care and medical attention.  Below is a photo of NUNU taken this week.  She is starting to show her horse personality – finally!  She loves to be groomed and LOVES her food!

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  1. Alexis

    FB enabled QAnon. That fact should tell any intelligent person everything about Facebook and its founder and executives. I would find other, safer ways to fundraise than Facebook. Just saying.

  2. Bunny

    POLITICAL. Because the de facto domestic terrorist who critically injured this horse portrays himself in the sympathetic and faux “fact checking” media as doing it all “for the kids.” Because if your FB post was kept on it would be hated by faux claims of racism even though the ONLY purpose of your efforts was to help an animal cruelly tortured nearly to death – those who have another agenda will parse out what they falsely believe to be an “error” on your part and amplify it.

    TRUST ME also the Court will no doubt find him not guilty of this horrific abuse – why? So the Court can escape any possible labeling of “racism” or “bigotry.”

    Animals always always ALWAYS are sacrificed to the small g god of selfish self-protection. Pandering to the mob, I call it.

    IMO ALL FORMS OF SOCIAL MEDIA ARE CORRUPT, DISHONEST AND MANIPULATIVE. THIS is why I NEVER participate in any form of “social media” and NEVER WILL participate in any form of social media – ESPECIALLY Facebook.

    Facebook is the FACE of mob rule.

  3. Sonya

    Hi Dawn,
    You got most of FB’s problem. They have “fact checkers” who are simply out of control. I am fairly certain there are a few political spins on this also (like everything/everyone else they have blotted out, like Candace Owens and An0maly). Seriously! Even funny memes my mother has sent me and I posted, have been blotted out… The censorship is largely unnecessary, I think.
    Don’t bother trying to work out a solution; they aren’t smart enough to do that (or dig up REALLY LEGAL documentation to explain their “viewpoints”, like the rest of us do).
    I will dig around my 1998 Maxima and see what I can send you (I’m having to save to put my old dog down). I am sure everyone else will, too.
    Thank you for all you do!

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