EMERGENCY BUCKET FUND for GRANNYPONY – the 35+ blind, perfectly mannered little pony – left at the meat auction by her family!

35+ year old emaciated, pony mare, blind and fending for herself at a meat market!  This mare, with her perfect manners, probably spent her whole life with a family…

No animal should be dumped – ever.  But it makes me sick to have a sweet, tiny, old mare, who doesn’t eat much and is blind – be left at a horrible, stinky, sickness-infected kill auction to try to fend for herself against full-sized, younger horses.

In honor of all the old horses out there who are dumped, let’s please help Granny Pony!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Granny Pony has been seen by a vet… she needs short-term hospitalization and IV fluids, a geriatric re-feeding program, soft shaving, continued elder care supplements and when she is stronger, her horrible teeth need a float.   Thank you in advance!

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Skinny Granny Pony with her hip bone and spine bones showing… and blind… at the meat auction.  She is a 1 on the Heineke Scale.   Her grey forehead is just like Dodger’s.

Granny has a lot of hair… but she is very skinny – you cannot see how thin she is under all of that fur – but all of her bones protrude.  She’s blind and spent a few awful days trying to survive in pens filled with large horses, all battling for food and water.


This was just too much for me to see…  Thank PonyGods that the Phoenyx Farm and Sanctuary (PA) stepped in and brought her home.  Granny is very skinny, sick and weak.  The vet gave her IV fluids which helped.  Right now, she is eating and drinking!   The vets at Muddy Creek Veterinary Services believe she will pull through.  CAN WE JOIN TOGETHER TO HELP HER feel love, nutrition, warmth and care in her final years!  She’s a fighter.

In honor of all of our old horses (and elderly parents…), please help those who do their best to help those who cannot help themselves.  Many, many thanks!

She is very skinny under all that hair.  A 1 on the Heineke Scale is very tough for any horse – especially an elderly horse.

Her first morning of IV FLUIDS, food and safety. White faced and boney… but she’s standing in the sun! They say she is very sweet and comes up to anyone for a head rub.

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  1. dawndi Post author

    Oh my gosh, Rebecca, I feel the same way. My ponies just slay me. I love them. Thank you.

  2. Rebecca

    Ditto what others said about the monsters who dumped her but thankful for the kind-hearted humans who saved her.

    Just donated in honor of Princess Pony, our beautiful sassy Welsh pony mare who bossed us around until she passed at 37. We rescued her at age 14 and saw her through many ailments–that pony had an iron will and was a fighter. I love my big horses but there’s a special place in my heart for the ponies and minis.

    May Grannypony have many more years filled with love and care!

  3. Robynne Catheron

    Sometimes I hate humans. Actually most of the time.
    Thank you, dear Dawn and Muddy Creek Vet. I hope and pray she has many good, peaceful years left.

  4. Lana D.

    Thankfully this sanctuary has taken her in. I can’t even type what I feel for those that dumped her in the cesspool/auction!
    Hope all that hair sheds, makes me also think she maybe a ‘cushings’ pony?
    Thoughts for her full recovery…

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