EMERGENCY BUCKET FUND FOR 9 TBs IN INDIANA – PLEASE HELP! They have already lost one! Touch and go!

So sad.  So disgusted.

Starved and hidden under blankets.  Open, weeping wounds, dehydration, no nutrition or fresh water for months, hair rubbed off…  10 TBs seized by the authorities and taken to the Bluffton-Wells County (Indiana) Humane Society.  One horse had to be euthanized on the spot.

There is an ongoing investigation so I cannot give you descriptive photos of the horses or show you their faces.  Luckily, the police are on this one.

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How it was described to me:  10 horses were seized – all were scored a 1.   One died before they got the call and yesterday one had to he put down because it went down and could no longer fight.  They are 450+ under weight – the ages are 7 to 25 yrs old all thoroughbreds, they have alopecia, you can see ribs, hip and spinal bones are prominent. They have a guarded prognosis due to the severity of the neglect and starvation.  There a 9 left that are fighting for their lives.  They are dehydrated, anemic. Some have oozing sores all over their body – skin is painful to the touch.  They are very sweet and loving

They all had blankets…All starved, dehydrated with open sores.

All TBs and all 450+ lbs underweight. They had been hidden by wearing blankets. All are dehydrated, full of sores and their prognosis is guarded.

Open, weeping sores.


Our donations will make a huge difference for these innocent horses who were failed by their owners… It will be so great to give a huge boost of support for the Bluffton-Wells County Humane Society (cats and dogs mostly) who opened their doors to these poor horses.   Taking on 9 starved horses is a big deal to a small, county humane society.

Let’s help with these kind and loving horses who were so wronged.  Any amount is wonderful!  It all adds up.  One drop in the bucket from everyone makes the bucket OVERFLOW!

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Thank you in advance!!

  If you receive this post via email, CLICK HERE to donate!

So sad.

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