THE DONATION BUTTONS ARE NOW WORKING! – all fixed! PLEASE DON’T LET MY DONATION BUTTON MISHAP HURT THESE HORSES’ CHANCES! Emergency December Bucket Fund again because the Bucket Fund is mostly empty… Please help the 23 mustangs. All they need is time! We CAN really really help here!

Yesterday, I posted an Emergency Bucket Fund – but what I didn’t realize is that all 4 Donation buttons and links were BROKEN.  All of them.  I’ve never known this to happen.  But luckily a kind reader alerted me.  So they are all fixed now .  If they break again, please email me.  And for those of you who figured a workaround yesterday, THANK YOU.  Brilliant work!

Please don’t let my errors hurt these horses’ chances at life!  Please try again to donate and I greatly appreciate your time!


23 Wild horses in Nevada were just rounded up because they wandered onto the HWY too many times – trying to cross to water.  These 23 horses – a family  – pregnant mares, babies, youth, aunts, new geldings… have three strikes against them.  So, they have no rights.

The law says that they have to go to the meat auction.  All 23.  Done.  Boom.  Gone.

HOWEVER, LRTC  (a rescue group I trust implicitly) has stepped up to find adopters.  They 99.9% guarantee success for all 23, if they can have a month to organize and make it happen.

We can give them that time!  The auction facility will board the horses for $6/day.  If we can give LRTC a month for these 23 horses, that would be 23 beautiful wild horses – SAVED.  23 x $6 x 30 days = $4140

WE CAN DO THIS!  WE can give them time!

Your donation is 100% tax deductible!  THANK YOU, thank you!!

If the button does not work for you, Click here to donate – 100% tax deductible!

And, if you want a holiday ‘Certificate of Donation’ that you can give as a gift, I will be happy to email it to you!  Just write it on the Pay Pal donation ‘comment’ section, or email me and I will make it for you asap!  Shorten  your holiday list by giving to these mustangs and turning your donation into a gift!!  Thank you Thank you!


What a beautiful, healthy group!


This is a pregnant mare. Look at those solid feet!


Look at the color in these babies!

IF YOU WANT TO ADOPT!  See catalog and instructions

If you feel you can provide a home for any of these incredible wild horses, there is a catalog of those we are trying to save, plus instruction at the bottom of this page regarding adoption forms.

These horses are healthy, strong and beautiful.  Please, help us make a huge difference in their lives!

Thank you!

Thank you!


Newly gelded young guy! Gorgeous.


Gorgeous new gelding.

Scared baby next to Mama.

Scared baby next to Mama.


CLICK HERE TO DONATE if the button is not working for you.


Click here to visit sales page! All jewelry sold benefits the Drop in the Bucket Fund.  To follow us on our beautiful FB page, click here! fb-icon

Featured Trio! All necklaces sold separately below.

Featured Trio! All necklaces sold separately below.


This bright and happy, sweet necklace is a bright pop of color. Czech glass beads of oceany blues and greens graduated to the handmade Sterling flower charm at crystal closure. 17″

To purchase this necklace for $36, click here!

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-7-48-32-pm screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-7-49-13-pm

FEATURED 2:  MT “Stand in the LIght” pendant Caribbean Blue Necklace! Only $48!!

Mama Tess’ flying heart Sterling Silver pendant with “Stand in the Light” stamped on the back. Caribbean blue Czech glass graduated bead with Sterling silver accent hoops. Gorgeous layered or alone! 20″

To purchase or $48, click here!

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-7-47-28-pm screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-7-48-15-pm

FEATURED 3:  SWEET TURQUOISE nugget necklace! So much for $54!

Raw Turquoise pebbles, nuggets and discs with aventurine, coral and heishi beads with a handmade Sterling cross at Aventurine closure. A BEAUTIFUL gift for your or your loved one! 16″



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