DECEMBER BUCKET FUND: In honor of our Norma Jean, let’s help these 3 young donkeys in the kill pen!

All Seated in a Barn had been looking for a donkey for us to sponsor in the name of Norma Jean.  She found one, Snickers, who had lost an ear and most of his shoulder, to a dog attack.  Sadly, he didn’t make it.  Very sad.  We had all hoped he would pull through.

Snickers didn’t make it – and we were all heartbroken. We thought he might pull through.


Then, yesterday, ASAIB called me and asked if we could save these three, young male donkeys who were at the Bowie Livestock Auction in Texas.  I said YES!  Norma Jean would be thrilled if we bailed and helped feed/house 3 donkeys!

So, that is my request.  In the name of Norma Jean, let’s help these three land softly and be supported (meds, quarantine, food) for the few months they have before being adopted. — And, whatever monies we have leftover, will go towards the unpaid vet bills for Snickers, who wasn’t so lucky.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you in advance and we truly, deeply appreciate all donations – especially in the name of Norma Jean.

All boys! They need rescuing and after care/transport/quarantine. Norma would love saving these three in her honor!

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Although the purchase price for these books is not tax deductible, your purchase will go directly into the Fund.  I have purchased all these books personally, and will send the monies received for the books, to the Fund for these donkeys!  Happy Holidays and thank you for helping!!

  1. Susie the Whispering Horse!

    These books are so NICE!  They feel great and look even better.  It measures 11.5 x 9.  There are 32 pages with 26 illustrations.  Easy print.  Lovely illustrations. Heavy paper.  Hard back.  Weighs less than a pound.  GREAT  message…And the very best part, it reads like a poem or a song –  It is so lyrical!   This story is made for being read aloud.  AND, the illustrations drew me in absolutely.  I could look at the detail forever.  I could just imagine being the little girl I was, coveting this book and poring over the pictures.100% of sales of these 25 books will go to Big Eddy!  Each book is $25, which includes shipping in US).

    Click here to purchase a Susie book for $25!

    *Pay Pal has changed their buttons, so if you want this book and it won’t let you purchase, email me  ( and I will figure it out for you.


2).  THE STORY OF BLUE – A Rope Horse, told in his voice…

I’ve read all of Michael’s books and listened to his entire audio library… THE BEST.  Any horse person, not just a roper, will find themselves nodding and smiling.  A total humanity boost.  I was given the opportunity to read an advance copy, and I couldn’t put it down. This is a lovely, lovely story told through the eyes and voices of Michael and his horse, Blue.  So  many times while reading this, I had to shut the page and reflect on what I had just heard… enlightening, humorous, uplifting and full of amusement through Blue.

I LOVE the voice of Blue.  He is a riot – we’ve all met a horse just like him!

To purchase The Story of Blue for $29.99, click here.

*Pay Pal has changed their buttons, so if you want this book and it won’t let you purchase, email me  ( and I will figure it out for you.

NORMA JEAN THANKS YOU FROM ABOVE.  She would be thrilled to save 3 donkeys!!

And I thank you for honoring my wonderful, perfect girl… she was the very best.

Norma Jean, looking at me through the front door of the house. She hung out there, on our porch, every afternoon at 11am.

This is the last photo I took of Norma, the night before she passed. I had no idea she was going… and I don’t think she did either.

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  1. Sarah

    Welcome back and thank you for posting this in memory of and in honor of your wonderful Norma Jean. “Hug thoughts” sent your way.

  2. Toni Rohm

    I have missed your stories – so happy you are back with a wonderful Bucket Fund to honor Norma Jean.

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