December Bucket Fund Donation Receipts! THANK YOU ALL.

December Bucket Fund was for All Seated in a Barn – and 5 specific equines… although we ended up helping 7!  Thank you thank you thank you!

In case you missed the original story, you can find it here.


Our goal last month was to help 2 minis, one pregnant donkey, one jenny and a one-eyed pony  bailed from the Texas kill pen and facilitate transportation and finding new homes.

Not only did we find new homes for them all, but we also helped with transport and adoption of the male donkey who was sent to my work at Halter Ranch (the girls were paid for by Halter Ranch, but the male was added at the last minute).

A job very well done!  New lives for all – plus one!


This receipt was to help pay for the 3 who went to Grass Valley. The mini pair and the pregnant donkey.

This is for the one-eyed pony and the fuzzy eared jenny who came to be with Norma Jean.

This was for the additional elder jenny that needed a home.

This was a transportation fee.

This was for the BLM wild donkey that ended up at Halter Ranch


I’m sure most of you have seen the pics of the 2 minis and the pregnant jenny who were sent to Grass Valley…

Jen, in Grass Valley, says she plays with them all the time – she so misses her horses. Jen was a dressage rider for years.

Jen feels that these two are mother and daughter.  This is the mother.

This poor Jenny (now named, “Molly”) lost her baby. The vet said that she has an undetected UTI and the baby slipped. Jen is sad that there will be no baby, but now Molly is Jen’s baby.

These are the two at my house. Not sure of the names yet… they are both very timid still. The little one, with her mop top, could be Pebbles or Pickles, not sure. The wonky flopped necked older gal, still thinking… She brays like a Wookie.

This is the one-eyed pony. He is very feisty and likes to fight… so we are thinking, Rocky Balboa.

This is a photo taken through a binocular lens. We found the 4 wild BLM donkeys on the 750 acres at Halter Ranch. The brown male in front is the one we helped deliver to Halter Ranch.



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