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Reviewing the December 2014 Bucket Fund receipts is a great way to start the first work week of the new year!

Pat yourselves on the back!

All your prayers, good thoughts, good will and donations really helped soften the extreme hay prices in California for our elder, dapper gentleman, Cinny.  He will now luxuriate in food, food, food for a few months!

This was the initial Bucket Fund payment that had to be made by the end of 2014.

This was the initial Bucket Fund payment that had to be made by the end of 2014.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 6.45.09 PM

Cinny received a few donations on January 1st, so he has another bale of hay and a few treats here!

One of our Bucket Funders, Senior Gelding Cinny...Click here to donate to his and Lila's causes!

One of our Bucket Funders, Senior Gelding Cinny…

And you all helped Lila make a dent in her huge hospital bill – she was at UC DAVIS for an entire year to receive an unprecedented 14 months of Cisplatin treatments for her eye sarcoid.

Lila was also supposed to receive a donation from State Line Tack – they were the group that helped sponsor her first operation.  I am crossing my fingers that it may still arrive…

I must say, the folks at UC DAVIS are so helpful in almost every way.  I needed to get this donation in by the end of 2014 – and I was having trouble with the online system.  I sent my contact an email on New Year’s Eve evening, thinking I would not hear anything.  But, to my surprise, not only did she respond and walk me through the backdoor processing to make sure we had Lila’s donation in by midnight, she also sent an email on January 1st thanking us!

Here is the receipt for Lila’s excellent care!

Lila's receipt.

Lila’s receipt.  It doesn’t say “Lila” but my Pay Pal receipt below indicates Lila.

Lila is finally home after a year of surgeries as UC Davis!

Lila is finally home after a year of surgeries as UC Davis!


And a huge heartfelt THANK YOU for those of you who donated $330 to the Horse and Man Re-Wilding program.  I feel honored.

This program will be my passion for 2015.  I will give you as much information as possible – as it happens!

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 7.30.13 PM

Horse and Man, INC’s Re-Wilding Program.


 THANK YOU ALL FOR ANOTHER INCREDIBLE YEAR OF GIVING TO HORSES IN NEED!  We raised $30,919 to directly help horses in dire conditions for 2014!

JanuaryDust Devil Ranch with Elsa, the filly frozen to the ground while still alive.  Your letter writing campaign also shined a huge headlight onto this issue… the world heard about Elsa.



February:  Bella, the mini donk who needed a splint for her back leg that was amputated because it was frostbitten.

Bella.  She's doing GREAT!

Bella. She’s doing GREAT!

MarchRhodes Bachelor Band of 9 Wild Horses from Nevada.  (This was originally stated at a band of 8, but we added one along the way…)

Rhodes Road Bachelors...

Rhodes Road Bachelors…

April:  Summer Raffo’s horses… she was killed in the mudslide in Washington State.

Summer and one of her favorite Arab mares.

Summer and one of her favorite Arab mares.

MayAria was the paint filly with the horribly crooked leg who needed a splint.  We also donated to LRTC to purchase a new water harness for their large animal rescue program.

Kate's leg is almost straight now!

Kate’s leg is almost straight now!


The harness we enabled LRTC to purchase (that was used 2 weeks ago to save the wild 2 year old mare that was hit on road!)


June:  Kate, the horse who was injected with gasoline.  We also paid the hospital bills, necropsy fees and rendering fees for her neighbor whose horse passed away due to the gasoline injection.

Kate survived!

Kate survived!

July:  Migiddo, the starved gelding.  We also helped a private woman, Pam, pay for the burial of her gelding, Sundance.




August:  Cheyenne and Chinook, the two BLM mares who were locked in a dark barn – left to starve to death.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 7.24.33 PM

Their rescue…

September:  Brother, the starved gelding who was cared for by SERRA.


October:  Yanaha, the mare whose genitals were cut out.  Also, our letter writing campaign directly impacted the charges brought against her perps.

Poor girl.

Poor girl.

November:  You helped guarantee food and shelter for the 9 BLM Burros saved from being shipped off to Guatemala.

Safe from being shipped to Guatemala!

Safe from being shipped to Guatemala!


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  1. Casey O'Connor

    The Golden Carrot is SO GRATEFUL for your donations to Cinnamon, our elderly pony. With his old bad teeth, his pelleted feed is SO important to him. We’ve been able to fix his hocks, got him on medication for those aching joints, and he’s so full of spunk these days, we’re grateful we were able to bring him in! His former owners were considering euthanizing him, but it would have been the wrong decision, for sure. He’s well trained and behaves perfectly on the ground (at his age, I’ll probably never have anyone ride him), but he loves to act up when he’s free (each night is a little roundup when everyone else is in their stalls, and he tears around, tail up, bucking and enjoying being out when no one else is!) At TGC, we try to give horses a chance to be horses … and your help for Cinny is making that possible! Thank you all for your help. Casey

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