I feel badly that I let down the March Bucket Fund recipient foals from The Last Chance Corral… we didn’t collect what we normally would, if I had started it sooner.

Besides starting very late in the month, the email system went down… and there were other issues… so, I wanted to put jewelry at 25% off and also list some of my very best personal books – and extend March’s Bucket Fund for an extra day –  to give it a boost!


All prices include shipping.

1)TRUE UNITY:  Tom Dorrance.   SOLD!  THANK YOU, PAM!

This book is tough to find… My personal copy for sale.  It is in very good condition.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.46.52 PM2) TRUE HORSEMANSHIP THROUGH FEEL:  Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond   SOLD!  THANK YOU, DARLENE!

Another hard to find book.  This is my personal paperback copy.  It is in very good condition.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.05.10 PM3)  The Natural Superiority of Mules – Hardcover First Edition:  John Hauer   To Purchase for $80, click here.

This is my personal copy.  It does not have a paper cover.  It is a first edition hardback in very good condition.



9) Turquoise Necklace with bronze patina medallion!  ONLY $110!  NOW ONLY $82.50 Turquoise beads strung with handmade Sterling beads, bronze patina pendant and handmade Sterling ring for lobster clasp!  Stunning!  Great to dress up or wear with jeans!!  20″


10)  Gerber Daisy Delight! Only $36! NOW ONLY $27!  Wear single, doubled or wrapped as a bracelet! Czech Glass Indian Red (deep, dark red) beads with 2 hand made Sterling Daisy charms. One in the middle and one at the Gemstone Agate closure. If worn doubled, the two flowers appear together. 30″. Great for Spring! Casual pop of color and Sweetness!


Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.34.22 AM

11)  Local artist created this Silver Cross with Bull necklace with tiny cross at closure! Was $24  Now $18!  How much fun and so reasonably priced! Chain is 20″ – great for layering!


Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.54.57 PM12)  WINE AND ROSES necklace!  Only $32   NOW ONLY $24  The color of fine wine and beautiful roses! Czech glass square beads that fall so beautifully on the neck!  These square necklaces are so unique!  This one has a lobster clasp and handmade Sterling heart charm!  20″


13) TRADE SEAS Necklace/bracelet! Refreshing!    Only $38! NOW ONLY $28.50
Czech Glass Matte trade beads mixed, variable sized turquoise and aquagreen beads with gemstone Aventurine closure and a handmade Sterling heart charm! This will go with anything! Perfect for a Spring outfit – dress up your jeans! 20″


Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.55.28 PM14)  WRAP, WRAP, WRAP OR WEAR LONG!  ONLY $38! NOW $28.50  Lots of muted color!  A long strand of Czech glass beads with assorted Crysoprase beads and Crysoprase gemstone bead closure with handmade Sterling heart charm!  Wear as a necklace or bracelet!!  So Fun!  $40″


15)  TWO GEMSTONE RING FROM POLAND!  ONLY $45!!  NOW $34 Two stone ring, gemstone ring, statement ring, boho style, bohemian, gypsy jewelry, size 7.5, agate, rodonit, copper Electroformed!  Fun, one-of-a-kind ring!!

To purchase this ring for $45, $34 click here!

16) SERENITY PRAYER STAMPED CROSS CREAMANDPEARLSOnly $48!  NOW $36  Hand stamped Serenity prayer silver and brass cross on Czech glass creamy beads and pearls in graduated sizes plus handmade Sterling heart charm at crystal closure!  22″ necklace and 1.5 cross.  Wear long or doubled!  Pretty and perfect with jeans!


17)   FROM OUR ARTIST FRIEND IN POLAND!  WHEAT FILLED PENDANT!  ONLY $45NOW $34 Eco friendly tin and copper mortise enclosed beautiful wheat in a pendant.  Chain is 32″ and pendant is 2″

To purchase this pendant for $45, $34 click here!

18)  FROM OUR ARTIST FRIEND IN POLAND!  TINY FLOWER FILLED PENDANT!  SO SWEET!  ONLY $48!  NOW $36!  Eco friendly tin and copper mortise enclosed beautiful tiny flowers in a pendant.  Chain is 32″ and pendant is 2″


19)  FROM OUR ARTIST FRIEND IN POLAND!  DANDELION FILLED PENDANT!  SO SWEET!  ONLY $45!  NOW ONLY $34  Eco friendly tin and copper mortise enclosed beautiful dandelion in a pendant.  Chain is 32″ and pendant is 2″

To purchase this necklace for $45, $34 click here!

20)  MAMA TESS “STAND IN THE LIGHT” pendant necklace!  Only $48!  NOW $36!  Czech glass earth tones with graduated sizes!  Aventurine gemstone closure with Mama Tess sterling charm!  This is so lovely and could be worn alone or layered, frontwords or backwards!  20″


21)   Captured Dandelion Pendant From our artist friend in Poland! Only $55! NOW $41 Lovely dandelions encased in glass and eco-friendly tin/bronze. Such a statement piece. Pendant is 1.5 across and 2″ long on 32″ chain. Wear layered or alone! One of a kind!

To purchase for $55, $41 click here!

il_570xN.631450939_qdix21)   The Piece to Have! Layered, alone, doubled, wrapped, necklace/bracelet! ONLY $54   NOW $40   I have one similar and I wear it all different ways! Czech glass pearls and orbs, crystal ice pieces, crystal beads, handmade Sterling beads with a handmade Sterling Flower charm midway and handmade Sterling heart charm at crystal closure. 36″ Scrumptious! So useful!

To purchase for $54, $40 click here!

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.09.40 PM22)  BABY’S BREATH LARGE PENDANT FROM POLAND!  Only $75!  NOW $57  Eco friendly tin and copper mortise enclosed beautiful baby’s breath in a large pendant.  Chain is 32″ and pendant is 3″!  Great statement piece!  Wear alone or layered!

To purchase this pendant for $75, $57 click here!

23)   FEATHER PENDANT FROM POLAND!  Wow!  So cool!!  Not another like it!  Only $85  NOW $64 Lovely Bronze ring with brass feathers and amulets filled with tiny, dried flowers.  This is very symbolic!  Necklace is 32″ and the pendant is 5.5″.

To purchase this necklace for $85, $64 click here!

24)  TURQUOISE AND ST. FRANCY!  Only $135!  NOW $99  Turquoise nuggets large and small with handmade sterling beads including handmade Sterling hook ring and Sterling St. Francy “Watch Over Me” pendant!  Wear backwards or forwards!  Add more charms to the Sterling hook ring!  Dress upwards or wear with jeans!  19″

To purchase this necklace for $135, $99 click here!


25)  Awesome Viking Necklace! $95! The pendant is made through a process called electroforming which grows a coating of purecopper particles on the desired surface. One of a Kind – Amazing! 32″ chain. Pendant is 3″!  Was $95, now $71 NOW $54!!

To purchase this necklace for $95, now $71 $54 click here!

26)   ULTIMATE CRYSTAL NECKLACE!  OMgosh!  Love it!      $110  NOW $83!  NOW $63
(I wish I could keep this one for myself!) ONE OF A KIND! Our artist friend in Poland sent this incredible rock crystal necklace in Tiffany style re-purposed tin and copper – all handmade. Gorgeous!  The crystal part with bale is 2″ long by 1″ across. The chain is 32″.
Awesome layering piece! Beautiful stand alone!
To purchase FOR $63, click here!

I HOPE YOU FIND THE DEAL YOU’VE WANTED!!   And thank you for the support!!

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  1. Nancy Babcock

    For anyone looking for a fantastic book from the ones listed here today–and I know they all are fantastic, but the one, “Gallop to Freedom” by Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado is even beyond that. It appears that the one here is in hard cover, and I don’t know that hard cover is even available anymore through the regular channels. I’ve had mine for several years, although I have to admit, I never really read it until recently when I knew I was going to be attending (auditing) one of their very first clinics here in the US–it was last weekend in Aiken, SC. (the only other place that was honored to have them on this first US outing was in Texas). All I can say is WOW! Talk about taking things to a whole other level. Reading the book was impressive for sure, and having done that first, seeing them up close & personal was made even better. They have a new (second) book out now, but I highly recommend reading this one first, and if someone hasn’t already grabbed it, do it now–it is GOLD!

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