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Why not have a sale BEFORE the holidays?!  If you buy today, I can get it in the mail tomorrow which should make it to you on time (crossing fingers)!


All pieces here were artisan crafted by equine loving artists especially for the the needy horses featured in the  HORSE AND MAN BUCKET FUND!

All prices include shipping.  CLICK HERE to refresh and see what is available!


A local artist made this Copper Crosses necklace! Only $30!
Copper patina cross, copper cross and copper horse shoe disc all on one necklace! 26″ So much fun alone or layered!


Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 7.49.39 PM

2)  Local artist created this Silver Cross with Bull necklace with tiny cross at closure! Only $24! How much fun and so reasonably priced! Chain is 20″ – great for layering!

Click here to purchase for $18!Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 7.49.49 PM

3)  Local artist created this copper arrow necklace with turquoise danglies! Only $28! Fun copper patina arrow with copper heart in a square with turquoise nuggets! Chain 24″. Great alone or layered!! A great gift!



Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 7.49.58 PM4)  Local artist! A better way to use bullets – jewelry! Shell casing/spent bullet stretchy bracelet Only $25!
Silver, gold and copper stretchy bracelet made from spent shell casing with crystal nuggets at the center of each shell bottom.

To purchase for $19, click here!Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 8.14.12 PM

5)  Local artist has a CRAZY bracelet! Only $25! Copper applied with dangly turquoise nugget, cross, pearl and horseshoe, lobster clasp closure with dangly turquoise round and leather strap. Copper plate is 1.5″ and leather strap is 5.5″.

Sold!  Thank  you, CAtherine!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 7.51.49 PM

This four-colored (gold, bronze, copper patina, copper) stretchy bracelet with horses and horse shoes and FUN mix of colors and designs! 3/4″ wide.

SOLD!  THANK YOU, MARTINAScreen Shot 2015-12-15 at 7.47.45 PM

7)  Gorgeous baby’s breath tiny flower pendant from Poland!  Beautiful $85!

Gorgeous delicate petite dried flowers encased in eco-friendly tin and copper from MT’s artist friend in Poland.  Pendant with bale is impressive at 3″ long and 1.5″ wide.  Wear as a statement piece or layered!  Chain is 32″.

Click here to purchase for $64!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 8.32.25 PM

8)  Gorgeous diamond shaped Dandelion Pendant from Poland! $75!
This gorgeous handmade dandelion themed pendant is my favorite! Eco-friendly tin/copper tiffany setting. Pendant and bale are over 2″ long and 1.5″ wide. Chain is 32″. Striking!

To purchase for $57, click here:

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 8.33.03 PM

9)  Never before listed!  $85!  Raw amethyst and rodonite stones in this Bohemian ring set in reclaimed copper!  A roomy size 7.5 (thin band).  Very fun!

To purchase for $64, click here!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 8.36.56 PM10)  TEXAS adjustable cuff bracelet made out of a Texas license plate!  $25!  The bracelet is lightweight, 1.5″ wide and 7″ long!  Easily bendable!

Flashy LABRADORITE gemstone (the stone of magic and self discovery – but difficult to photograph) necklace with Czech glass pearls and Czech glass ice crystals with bronze and silver mini cross at crystal closure – and farrier nail cross pendant! 24″ Can be worn front to back or back to front. Great alone or layered! Beautiful as a layered bracelet.


Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 12.07.38 PM12)  TEXAS BRACELET!  Locally Made from a Texas license plate.  A fun and adjustable cuff!

To purchase for $18, click here!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.14.00 PM

11)  Cross and Heart with turquoise and leather bracelet!  Only $28!


Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.13.17 PM

12)  Stretchy Arrow bracelet (gold and silver contrast)!  Great fun for layering!  Only $28  Bracelet is a half  inch wide!


Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.13.04 PM

13)  Skinny multi copper arrow bracelet (copper, patina and silver!)  Only $25  Bracelet is 1/4″ wide.


Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.13.35 PM

14)  Famous artist SharonaNissan created this piece!  $175  Crysophrase, pearl, rhinestones and Czech glass pearls all woven together to make this striking and showpiece bracelet!  Fits a smaller wrist.  7″ long, 1 and 3/4″ at most wide.  Lovely.  Wear with jeans or dress up!


Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.14.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.14.56 PM

15)  Awesome Viking Necklace! $95! The pendant is made through a process called electroforming which grows a coating of purecopper particles on the desired surface. One of a Kind – Amazing! 32″ chain. Pendant is 3″!
The result is spectacular as the copper amplifies and works with the energy of the stone it is combined with.
I polished the copper to a shiny finish and applied a micro-crystaline wax sealer to the piece, which helps to protect its finish and your skin from discoloration.

To purchase for $71, click here!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 7.50.16 PM

16)  Very awesome Boho arrow necklace!  Only $85 for this oneofakind piece!  The pendant is made through a process called electroforming which grows a coating of purecopper particles on the desired surface. One of a Kind – Amazing! 32″ chain. Pendant is awesome at 4″!  Perfect for layering.  So cool!


Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 8.37.22 PM

17)  LOVE THIS!  Mama Tess’ artist friend in Poland just sent this lovely piece! ONLY $70!

It is a natural daisy with stem and greens. So pretty! Capture the memories of Summer with this handmade, one of a kind pendant from Poland. Eco friendly tin and copper on a 32″ chain. Pendant with bale is 2.5″ long.



ONLY ONE LEFT!!  (scroll down if you missed out on the signed editions!)

The best book I’ve EVER listened to – Michael Johnson has donated 5 SIGNED THE TRIALS OF JOE BEN BLACK, The Confessions of a Rope Horse” BOOKS (The brand new “HEALING SHINE” sequel) to the December Bucket Fund! in honor or Mama Tess!   So sweet!

Click here to purchase one of the 5 Signed “The Trials of Joe Ben Black – Confessions of a Rope Horse” for a $40 donation (includes shipping)  to the Bucket Fund!


All sales benefit the December Bucket Fund – Michael’s gift in honor of Mama Tess!  Thank you all and Thank you, Michael, for this wonderful gift of literary delight that captures the essence of the bond.

1)  AUDIO CD:  Here is a link to purchase the Audio CD of THE TRIALS OF JOE BEN BLACK (includes shipping) for $40.  You will get it in time for the holidays!

2)  Here is a link to purchase the book of THE TRIALS OF JOE BEN BLACK (includes shipping) for $35.

December Bucket Fund!

In honor of Mama Tess, the older ladies of The Golden Carrot… Lucy and Glory!  Click here for their story!

Click to read her story!

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