AUTUMN UPDATE! She’s doing great!

I was checking up on some of our Bucket Funders and I came upon Autumn’s FB page.

Wow!  What a difference some TLC and great medications will make!

In case you didn’t read Autumn’s plight (linked here), she was the baby who was born on an Auction Lot, immediately her mother passed, she wasn’t discovered for 16 hours (no one knew her dam was pregnant – that is how skinny she was…) and little Autumn didn’t receive her first meal until her second day.

Animal Control called Hope for Horses and little Autumn was saved – almost.  Just after her rescue, this little girl crashed.

Luckily, many pulled together to get her the ultimate in vet care.  Volunteers rallied throughout many sleepless nights, funds were set up on honor of her fallen dam (including the Bucket Fund) and Horse and Man readers even found a nursemare for her who lived just a few miles away!

Of course, I’ve condensed the story… it wasn’t this easy or this quick.  But, the Cliff Notes are:  she had a very rough start but she made it!

Anyway, while checking up on her, I found some new photos and I wanted to share them with you.



Here she is, Day 1, when AC first found her


Animal control corrals the baby...


Autumn gets a ride to the Rescue. (It looks like she still has her foal slippers on...)

Baby Autumn arrives at the Rescue...


She crashes shortly thereafter... (You all probably remember this photo.)






I see you!


Hee. Not quite a big girl yet...





She's bigger than her buddy.



My fav! "Thanks H&M for helping me survive!"

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Pat

    Am so happy to view the new pics of Autumn! Her story touched my heart and I have never before sent donations to any organization, but this one was special. God bless her and may she have a wonderful life.

  2. Norma

    Well done I’m so happy for her and for you. I hope her foster mum is well too?

  3. Sandy Gomez

    Wow! I’ve been following this story from the beginning. She is proof that God works miracles! I’m so happy for her! God bless you Autumn and all the people who nursed you back to health!

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