AUGUST BUCKET FUND! Let’s help transport and give medical care to these two elderly mustangs who spent their lives helping humans, only to be sent to feedlots. MEET DOROTHY and WILLIE who BOTH need medical care IMMEDIATELY!

THIS is Dorothy.  She is a 25 year old, starved, tiny, mustang mare with a severe eye injury.  Dorothy found herself in a killpen in Kansas.

We all know where she was headed…

This is Dorothy – a gentled, saged mustang mare in a killpen.

THIS is Willie.  Willie is a 24 year-old, very sick mustang who found himself in a killpen.  Although it looks bad for Willie, he can be brought back to health.

Willie picked up an illness in the killpen

Both of these branded mustangs have been accepted to Skydog Sanctuary – all they need to do is receive medical attention/quarantine and to GET THERE.  Absolute health and total freedom await these two deserving horses… let us please give them a boost to recover and travel to their future of freedom – living out their final years in peace!

Can we help them?   All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you in advance for helping these sweet souls!

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Not much is known yet about these two… but from Dorothy’s brand, we can see that she is 25 years old and was born in the Pine Nut HMA in Nevada (where they are doing a roundup right now – so horrible.  Can we help her in honor of those losing their freedom right now?).

Tiny Dorothy is very skinny, has a severe eye injury and is very frightened.

(As you can see, Dorothy is very small.  It is known that Nevada miners used Shetlands and Morgan horses to work the mines – and then they would release them into the wild when done.  This is why many Pine Nut mustangs are small.)

Willie’s brand is difficult to read right now.  He was rounded up long ago and was probably used for quite some time as he looked muscular and fairly healthy a few weeks ago… but he was dumped in a filthy killpen and now he’s very ill.

Let’s help these two deserving mustangs gain a future of health and freedom!  We can help right the wrong and get these horses to Skydog where they can live out their lives in vigor!

All donations are tax deductible!  I will keep you all updated often so we can watch these two transform!

If you receive this post via email, click here to donate!

You can see Dorothy’s brand in this photo. You can also see her spine and hip bones. (The skinny draft horse next to her was saved.)

This was Willie just a few weeks ago… before he was stricken with whatever illness he picked up in the killpen.  He looked good!  We can bring him back to health and freedom!


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