AUGUST BUCKET FUND: HARDY DIDN’T MAKE IT… Very sad… Please help LRTC Large Animal Emergency Rescue Team purchase the much needed A-Frame device!

Yesterday, I wrote about how LRTC and Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates rescued a very ill mustang.

I was trying to demonstrate what a terrific and dedicated large animal emergency rescue team they are by showing their photo documented work.

I didn’t know that the young horse (whom they named Hardy) wouldn’t make it.

This was so sad.  I took down the FB pages promoting the August BF in honor of his passing.

But, that wasn’t really fair to the Team who needs the piece of equipment – an ‘A-Frame’.

No one can say if an A-Frame would have saved this stallion.  I might have helped during the rescue… but the blood tests are still out, and the vets believe he had a horrible case of West Nile Virus.   The only way this device would have helped him beyond the rescue would have been to keep him upright while he was trying to recoup.  A sling could have helped as well.  But, most likely, Hardy was already fatally ill from the virus.

In honor of Hardy who didn’t make it, please know that the August Bucket Fund is set up to help LRTC Large Animal Rescue purchase an A-Frame which rights downed horses.  The cost is $2200.

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HOW THE A-FRAME WORKS (From Willis Lamm of LRTC)

Here is some info on the A-frame.

We prefer to use a mechanical lifting source like a bucket loader to raise downed or trapped horses when we can.

(Extrication, after using a backhoe and straps for lifting a trapped horse out of a ditch.)

However there are instances where a horse has fallen into a ditch or hole and it’s not safe to bring machinery up close. In other cases the animal may be down in the outback and can’t be reached with mechanized equipment. In that case an A-frame is needed to lift and extricate the animal.

Once properly anchored, the A-Frame can be tipped over a ditch, bog or ravine, the animal lifted up, then the A-Frame can be tipped back in order to lower the animal onto a surface that is a safe distance from the trap hazard.

We found out yesterday that the older style A-Frames have a design flaw and should not be used on “live” loads. This information is poignant in that (a) we now don’t have any A-Frames in service in the greater region that should be used in actual rescues, (b) we found out about this issue before we ordered up our A-Frame with the design flaw, and (c) if we can fund an A-Frame, we’ll work with Hast P.S.C. on a new head design that eliminates the design flaw and can be retrofitted onto the older heads, which our crew will test.    Willis


In honor of Hardy who this dedicated team tried very steadfastly and carefully to save…

Thank you!  All donations are 100% tax deductible!

If you receive this post via email, click here to donate!

Beautiful Hardy. Godspeed.


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