Last month, our Bucket Fund was to benefit Summer Raffo’s horses who were left behind when she perished in the Oso mudslide.

We met our goal – thanks to all of you – as well and a last minute donation that topped up the Bucket!

Here is the donation receipt:

April Bucket Fund Receipt.

April Bucket Fund Receipt.

A NOTE FROM RAE (Summer’s Mother)

I want to thank you so very much for all of your help. I’ve gotten some wonderful emails from your readers with so many words of sympathy and encouragement. I miss Summer so much. Some days I cry all day. Some days I cry then I’m ok for a while then I cry again. Summer and I used to always talk about what would happen to the horses if something happened to me. We never once discussed what would happen to them if something happened to her. I thank you again for everything. I pray you never have to feel the sort of heartache I have endured for these past weeks.

Thank you so very much Horse & Man Group.  I’m just astounded at the generosity of those who have reached out to us.  I thank you for your personal interest in Summer and the horses she loved so.  Rae

A NOTE FROM DAYN (Summer’s Brother)

Words alone cannot thank you enough Dawn.  Summer’s legacy will now live on forever thanks to you, your excellent writing skills and ability to convey a story to not only your readers but the entire world. Thank you Horse & Man Group. Thank you for your kind words, thank you for raising money for a great cause, thank you for your support but most of all, thank you for being our friend.


Dayn Brunner




I feel that Summer reached through all of us to make it easier on her family.  Thank you all for hearing her plea…  Through this horrible time, at least this family won’t have to worry about feeding the horses.

Also, I wanted to pass on that the community has also rallied greatly.  I know the local feed store has donated food to distressed families.  The local vet went out to look after Summer’s horses and make sure they were OK.  And a farrier worked on all of them to polish them up.

There was also a benefit.


The town got together for a Benefit...

The town got together for a Benefit…



PLEASE HELP LITTLE ARIA - this is fixable through surgery!  Click here to learn more and donate!

PLEASE HELP LITTLE ARIA – this is fixable through surgery! Click here to learn more and donate!

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