JOE DRAPE, author of “AMERICAN PHAROAH” – wants to help Sonata! I have 3 copies for the Bucket Fund! – Let’s reach our goal today!

Do you remember how much I loved Joe Draper’s book, AMERICAN PHAROAH?  I reviewed it a while back.  Click here to read that review.

Well… we were just gifted with 3 more books to use to boost!  Sonata’s Bucket Fund (click link to read her story)

Can you believe such good will and LOVE from a true TB enthusiast!  I also want to thank Joe’s publicist, Odette Fleming, for being so gracious in sending the books.  Nice!

I really did speed right through AMERICAN PHAROAH – it was like listening to a historian while sitting after dinner on a couch… really easy to absorb and so informative.  The little details put you right there!  You just know the author is also a horse person.

So let’s finish off Sonata’s Bucket Fund and buy this awesome book!

ALL SOLD!  THANK YOU!  But you can still donate to Sonata here.  Thank you!



Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 1.55.14 PMJUNE BUCKET FUND:  SONATA, THE MARE WITH THE HUGE GASH IN HER SHOULDER that was dumped at the kill pen – but they wouldn’t house/feed/water/care for her because of the wound.  Now she is safe but needs round the clock care.  Let’s help the ones who are helping her!  Any sandwich change?  All donations are 100% tax deductible!   We are so close to our goal!  Click here to read her story. Click here to donate!

Thank you! I'm perking up and getting better!

Thank you! I’m perking up and getting better!


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  1. Debbie Mollner

    I, too, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED American Pharoah. I flew through the book in a weekend in Colorado. It was so beautifully written, with so much wonderful facts and historical references. I passed it on to my friend, Robin, that owned the grandson of Seattle Slew, who passed away from colic a few months ago. SUCH A WONDERFUL READ. Thanks for passing along your copy to me Dawn. Hope moving your horses goes smoothly.

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