An UPDATE on our August Bucket Fund mare, Luna!

Luna, our August Bucket Fund, 18 – 20 year-old Friesian mare, is still with us – and doing relatively well!   You can read her original story here.

At the moment, our girl has a bad case of mastitis – but luckily, she lives with her vet, so all issues are dealt with immediately.  She is strong enough now to go for walks.  Mostly, she eats, sleeps in her huge stall, and does her best to regain herself to what she once was…

Dr. Shelton is very grateful for all of the help!  She has been boosted and uplifted by this support ‘out of nowhere’.  (I’m smiling because the Horse and Man Group is everywhere!)

So pretty, even with mush mouth after her bucket…

Ouch. The only think they can think that would cause this is a potential, odd weed in her hay that might have stimulated milk production… no idea really.

WE NEED $165 TO MEET OUR GOAL FOR LUNA – can we do that for her?

She still needs to be strong enough to recover from the mastitis, have her teeth done and stand for Xrays to figure out what is happening with her likely a fused pastern on that strange rear – probably DSLD.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you for helping this beautiful girl – become beautiful again!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

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Pretty girl.

Resting in her luxury stall.

She is strong enough for short, sunset walks…


So far holding steady. Starting to get a little bit of senior feed twice a day, she’s eating more and more alfalfa. And even has a hanging net now. (As far as the mastitis) The current theory is maybe a weed in hay that stimulated her milk production. We plan to start her cushings treatments slowly soon. She has gained some weight ??????. And is just the sweetest thing ever.

THANK YOU! – below is another way to help Luna!


–All pieces here were artisan crafted for the the needy horses featured in the  HORSE AND MAN BUCKET FUND!

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Shipping (within the continental USA) included in all prices!


COBALT WATCH OVER ME necklace! Only $54! – SOLD!

Cobalt, Silver and Mercury Czech glass beads with Watch Over Me angel wing pendant. Great dressed up or down! Necklace 17″. Pendant additional 1″.

Soft Sun and Sky Daisy necklace! Only $68!

Our artist friend in Poland created this beautiful daisy pendant. Czech glass beads in creamy sky and sunny yellow with bronze crystal at closure. So stunning and unusual! Necklace is 19″ Pendant an additional 2″.

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Cobalt, Turquoise and Silver WATCH OVER ME necklace! Only $58! – SOLD!

Sterling Silver pendant says, “Watch over Me” and the front is a heart with wings. Turquoise trade beads, cobalt and silver mercury Czech glass beads. Delicate and precious. Necklace is 17″. Pendant an additional inch.

Beautiful Teal Seas necklace! Only $32! – SOLD!

Gorgeous 6mm Czech glass teal, faceted beads. A perfect pop of color this summer! Wear with jeans or a summer dress! 18″

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Classic 6mm, white Czech Glass pearls! Only $44!

White, round Czech glass beads with handmade Sterling Silver heart charm at crystal closure. I wear mine daily! 20″

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