ALRIGHT READERS, BRACE YOURSELVES… there are 41 more. But they are the LAST. I promise.

UPDATE 8/27 MIDNIGHT:  Debra has placed 32 foals, 3 mare pairs and 1 yearling!  Right now, there are 11 foals, 4 mare pairs and 2 yearlings that need homes!!  Well done!  So far, so good…    Click here to see which are adopted and which need homes.


Original Post 8/24:

Alright readers, brace yourselves.  This is going to be hard to swallow… but there are 41 more foals, yearlings and mare pairs in the kill pen however, they are the LAST.

Yes, all of these are from the same ranch.   The hopeful part is that this group is the end of it.


Since this is the last lot from the same ranch, we were told the circumstances – finally.

Here we go:

A QH breeder that had a good eye but bad business sense, went out of business.  He lost his ranch.  The bank owned it and the rancher left.

However, he didn’t remove any of his horses.  They ran, unattended, over the acreage.

Evidently, there was enough food and water for all of these horses to maintain themselves.

(The good news is that many of them have been handled and they are not feral.  And, from reports back from new adopters, the horses are kind and gorgeous!)

OK, so in comes the new ranch owner who is absolutely NOT a horse person and had no need for these horses.  So, that new owner has gathered and sent all of these horses to the feedlot.  The feedlot is taking them in doses, which is better for them -inventorywise.  And, it turns out, better for us to place them.

So, that is the story and this is the last of them.


There were 32 foals but 8 have been saved already ( 4 OF THOSE BY THE BUCKET FUND with left-over funds from the last save).

There were 6 mare pairs but one pair has been saved.

So, there are 28 foals, 3 yearlings and 5 mare pairs in the killpen right now.

–Here is a link to the page with the photos.

–If you can house any of these, please contact: or by phone: 760.933.8797

–If you know of a Rescue that can take any of these, please contact:  Shirley Puga:

–If you would like to donate to help bail, transport and feed these horses, please donate ANY AMOUNT to the Bucket Fund linked here.

Bail:  Foals:  $125, Yearlings:  $225,  Mare Pairs:   $450


Click to go to the page with all the photos


Luckily, we had money left over in the Bucket Fund from last week’s Save so we were able to get the youngest babies off the lot and into foster care.  They need special attention because they are very young and still on formula food.  Evidently, their mom’s shipped a bit early… (ugh).

#1 sorrel filly, very young and bailed by the Bucket Fund already and in foster care.

#9 Brown Appy Filly w/Small Star and Frosting, saved by the BF and in foster care already!

#25 Chestnut Gray Roan Colt w/Stripe, saved by the BF and in foster care now.


#27 Bay Filly w/Big Snip and Black Legs. Sponsored by the BF and in foster care now.



Between everyone, including Jill at Lifesavers, The Bucket Fund has participated in saving 75+ foals, yearlings and mare pairs THIS MONTH!  We have a few days left to help through the August Bucket fund.

It is amazing – the Bucket Fund has raised over $3000 for the previous horses already run through the feedlot from the same ranch.  I have no idea if there is any more money out there for these new babies, but if so, please donate below.

Many heartfelt thanks.

If you receive this post via email, click here to donate.
Fundraising Thermometer

#39 thanks you... He is still in the killpen.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  2. Libby D

    It is illegal in the State of California to transport horses to slaughter. So why is this guy getting away with it?

  3. peg

    Ok Dawn,here’s 25.00 more. These horses are too good to go to the killers.
    Wish I could give the “new owner” an ear full.

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