After a horribly tragic week of Wild Horses losing their freedom to roundups – EMERGENCY SEPTEMBER BUCKET FUND: 26 HORSES WE CAN HELP! This starved and abused Spanish mustang herd needs help recovering and traveling back to freedom!!

This has been a horribly tragic week for wild horse roundups.  Horrible.  Truly disheartening.

HOWEVER, WE CAN HELP a starved and neglected, formerly wild horse herd!   We can make a huge difference for these horses!!

We were made aware of a horribly neglected Spanish Mustang herd (in captivity) that needs immediate help – immediate medical care, immediate re-feeding and immediate attention in every way.   THEY CAN BE SAVED – kept together as a family – and sent back to healthy freedom!  We can help all 26 of them!  Studs, babies, yearlings, youngsters, mare and geldings!

PLEASE help these poor horses.  Let’s right this wrong for them… and for all of the wild horses who lost their freedom this week.  This group has a chance for health and freedom!!  We can make a difference!  All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Please offer your Starbucks today or tomorrow… pocket change… anything and everything helps!  THANK YOU in advance!

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Incredibly skinny, neglected and malnourished.  This is the day they were seized.

Mamas gave all they had to nursing babies.  They all have shaggy coats, worm bellies and all bones showing.

This was long term neglect. Horrible health, skin and bones, ragged coats.

This photo was taken the first day of care and nutrition.  They are mostly wild, so it will take a few weeks to tend to their coats.


I wasn’t told who had them… (due to the investigation) but I surmised that it was a person who bred indiscriminately and didn’t feed or care for them.

The Spanish herd has very sought-after color variations.   There are buckskins (in all variations) or striking duns (in all variations), this idiot human thought it would be a moneymaker to breed these very desirable horses.  How this person was able to acquire this group, including 2 studs, is a mystery… but they had 2 very young studs in the group.  Clearly, not a good situation.

Luckily, this herd was discovered and seized due to their condition.  They are all in Texas, waiting to regain health so that they can travel to their future freedom in Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in South DakotaThis herd will stay together.  The studs will be gelded asap.

This baby is very young. His mother has given all of her health for this foal. She has a worm belly and is very boney – but is now in excellent care and will recover.

If you receive this post via email, click here to donate!

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!  THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO BRING THESE ONCE WILD HORSES BACK TO HEALTH AND RELEASE THEM INTO SANCTUARY – especially after a horrid week of wild horse roundups.  Thank you Thank you!!!


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