Adorable, LEATHER MINI HORSES! Check it out!

Aren’t these adorable?!  How does someone think of this to do with a piece of leather?!  I just love the detail – even the stitching is perfect!

A reader, Casey, made these darling leather horses – and offered them to benefit our Drop in the Bucket Fund horse, Big Eddy!  Here is her website.  (Casey is a leather worker – and I will write all about her in a future blog because her tooling is incredible!)

Aren’t these horses so cute?!  If you purchase, I will bring them to the Post Office immediately to make it by Christmas!  I have 12 of them. (3″ tall, 3″ long, 2″ wide) The price is $20 each plus $5 shipping per.  So, $25.  All sales proceeds will go to Big Eddy, our December Drop in the Bucket Fund horse!  If we sell all of these, we can add $240 to his bucket!

I think it would be a fun project to tan these horses into different breed colors!  Or paint them Paints!  Or, just leave them natural and they are a herd of gorgeous Creams!

If you would like one (or more) of these adorable, hand-crafted, leather horses for $25 including shipping, click here!


LET’S SPONSOR EDDY!  He was ripped from his freedom as an elder, very successful wild mustang.  Now he is stuck in our world.  WE CAN GIFT HIM GENTLING WITH HONOR so he can find a loving, forever home.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  If you would like a Holiday Certificate of donation to give as a gift, email me!     THANK YOU in advance.  This means so much to me.

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  1. dawndi Post author

    HI Robynne: I did add a coin in the photo… but I think that wasn’t enough. The size is approx: 3″ tall, 3″ long, 2″ wide
    These horses are not on her website. She makes these for friends and family.

  2. Robynne Eileen Catheron

    Hi Dawn!

    These little leather horses are SO cute! I looked on her website but can’t find anything that mentions the size, though. Can you please tell us? Thanks!

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