POOR ADELLA… our March Bucket Fund needy mare.

If you missed her story, it is linked here.  Basically, some nutjob former owner tied this young mare to a fence using wire.  She got caught up in the wire and almost severed her hoof trying to free herself.

The kind souls from HABITAT FOR HORSES nabbed her and brought her to the nearest Equine Emergency facility.  There, the doctors furiously worked to save her and her hoof.  They did a phenomenal job.  The poor girl lost a tremendous amount of blood.  But, she pulled through without any infection and her massive wound is healing nicely.

Yes, her tendons are completely severed.

But, that isn’t  the end of her story…

Poor Adella in the ER... that is NOT a smile.



Right now, Adella resides in a smallish paddock wearing a wedge support shoe as she waits for the humans to figure out how they want to proceed with her therapy.  Most of the time she has quiet company.  The kids, dogs and volunteers all dote on her.  She eats well, her coat is gleaming and she has a way better life than she did with nutjob.

Taken of Adella two weeks ago... She is healing.



Many of you asked why keep her alive when she cannot control her foot completely.

I ask, have we done all we can?  It wasn’t her fault that this happened.  And, she isn’t unhappy so why is it our decision to know what kind of quality of life is good enough for her while she waits to helpful humans to assist her?

But let’s say nothing ever happens beyond this point… well, from my viewpoint, if she never got any better than she is in this very moment, she has a future as a therapy horse and she lives seemingly happily in a smaller paddock with a friend.

She knows love, food and tenderness.

But, the good news is that probably something will happen for her very soon – I just am not sure which avenue will transpire first…

There are orthotics in the works to aid her motion.   However, her injury is rare (and funds are tight) so there is a need for research and education in constructing the correct appliance.  Hopefully, the research that goes into Adella’s injury and rehabilitation will help others in the future.  As we all know, tendon issues are not uncommon on the racetrack…  So, this story and its outcome will be very important.

Her wound is healing nicely but the tendons are severed...



But, there is more news than orthotics!

First off, Habitat for Horses is looking into stem cell therapy for Adella.  I haven’t heard the final decision but I did hear from important veterinarians that Adella is “a prime candidate”.  So, that’s good news.  And, Habitat for horses is near two very large and prestigious equine hospitals who work with stem cell therapy so that is a plus.

If Adella is accepted and a treatment protocol is instituted, I will absolutely keep you posted.  Also, we might fund raise if we are allowed.  I think this kind of research and application could be monumental for many, many equines who have such severe injuries now in the future.

Her new support shoe as she awaits a decision on her further treatment



I wanted to add that a very kind reader is going to an equine stem cell symposium in a few days.  She offered to take Adella’s story with her to discuss with the very knowledgeable doctors there.  I swear, you never know where the next break will come for Adella…

I’m always in awe of how kind humans can be in the midst of animal suffering. (Thank you, everyone, who has held good thoughts for Adella.)

Life isn't that bad, eh...?! She looks good and is stealing hay!



And another big-hearted reader from the UK was very kind to forward Adella’s story to ARCEQUINE.

This is a fascinating therapeutic device…of which I know not much except what I could glean from the website… which sounds very hopeful for situations like Adella’s.

The owner of the Arcequine was kind enough to contact me through email regarding helping Adella.  I don’t know the terms as we have not spoken via phone as yet (that darn time difference)… but I did promise him that if this worked for Adella, I would spread the word long and far in the US!

Here are some excerpts from the Acrequine website:








Adella’s story isn’t over.

The wheels are turning to make her case into a learning opportunity.  Adella won’t have suffered in vain.  She will be fixed as well and as far as our technology can take her.  This new knowledge will hopefully help others.

And if she is given the Arcequine, I will tell you all about it!  In fact, I might ask the Arcequine company to work with me to help other horses with soft tissue injuries.

So, for me, hopefully it will be “Thank Goodness Adella was saved so we all learned…” and that the sweet young mare can have a very fruitful and prosperous, happy life.


Today is the second to the last day to help Adella through the BUCKET FUND. Click here! (This photo was taken the day after she was brought to the ER)

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Jody Brittain

    There is a reason for everything and Adelle has a reason! She is helping the doctors work thru her injuries! She is a little doll and I hope to read lots of more good stories of Adelle! She even looks rather happy! THANK YOU!

  2. nancy

    Dawn, can she walk? I’m interested to know if her tendons are severed, how she walks. Does she walk three legged holding up the hoof? Or can it bear weight. Perhaps post a video (and inspire further donations?)

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