A VERY SWEET CHILDREN’S BOOK (great illustration, too!) by Michael Johnson AVAILABLE NOW HERE! 100% of sales go to our Bucket Fund horse, Big Eddy!

Our good friend, Michael Johnson, has sent to me 25 hardback books of “Susie, The Whispering Horse” to sell to benefit our December Bucket Fund Horse, Big Eddy!

The books arrived today and they are so NICE!  They feel great and look even better.  It measures 11.5 x 9.  There are 32 pages with 26 illustrations.  Easy print.  Lovely illustrations. Heavy paper.  Hard back.  Weighs less than a pound.  GREAT  message…

And the very best part, it reads like a poem or a song –  It is so lyrical!   This story is made for being read aloud.  AND, the illustrations drew me in absolutely.  I could look at the detail forever.  I could just imagine being the little girl I was, coveting this book and poring over the pictures.

100% of sales of these 25 books will go to Big Eddy!  Each book is $25, which includes shipping in US).

Click here and I’ll send you a book today!  Thank you for helping Eddy!!  And thank you for fostering the love of the horse in your special little humans.

Click image to order book.

It is so lyrical! Large print, quality illustrations… and the paper feels great!

Such great illustrations! I would have pored over a book like this when I was a little girl. It would have been worn thin!

I love the message… you will, too.

The back cover.


Big Eddy is a gorgeous, huge blue roan who was gathered by the BLM in his elder years – and deemed worthless due to his age. Well, he isn’t worthless. He survived all these years in the wild. Eddy is the epitome of strength and knowledge. Let’s give him a new freedom… let’s allow him to learn the ways of his new world so he can be adopted into a wonderful, forever home! Thank you so much!

DID YOU SEE OUR DECEMBER BUCKET FUND STORY?  If you missed it, click here to read about our beautiful, elder gentleman Eddy.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  No donation too small, it all adds up!

Click here to donate!  THANK YOU!

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