A TINY FLUFFBALL OF HOPE… MEET HARVEY: Our End of the Month Bucket Fund Baby!

What do you do when you have the misfortune of being born with a wonky patella?…

Meet tiny Harvey.

He came into this world last week with a right rear luxated patella (a trick knee, a floating knee cap) – but he doesn’t know it…

Or maybe he simply doesn’t let it stop him… The name ‘Harvey’ means Warrior.


This little guy can run around, nurse, kickitybuck and even scratch his head with his bum leg.  Little Man Harvey is a 25lb, blue-eyed Mini ball of fluff who is full of life!

But, in time, this affliction will make a difference.

His option without surgery?



Here is Harvey the Warrior! He weighs just about 25lbs, has blue eyes and loves to P-L-A-Y!  But, he has a floating patella.  A bum knee…  His right rear knee doesn’t stay in place.


HEY THERE! Who says there’s somethin’ wrong with me?!


Harvey was born a week ago, to his lovely 8 year-old Mini mother, Gracie.

Unfortunately, Harvey hadn’t yet figured out how to get up with his bad knee, so he didn’t.  When his human attendees found him, they rushed Harvey to the hospital to receive plasma and colostrum.

The vet there told his humans of Harvey’s condition and the cost of the surgery to fix his trick knee. The humans knew they could never afford to give Harvey the life he needed.

So, they searched and searched and searched the Internet for a Rescue that would open their hearts to Harvey, and fix him.

Luckily, they found Theresa at BHFER (Beauty’s Haven and Farm Equine Rescue).  Although Theresa had no idea how she would raise the money for Harvey, she couldn’t refuse his little face.

Could you?

Me, neither.

That’s why I said I would try with her…

Bellying up to the bar...

Bellying up to the bar…



Naptime. Phew, life is tiring!


Click to watch this short video of Little Man Harvey the Warrior bouncing around the stall!

Click image to watch this short video of Little Man Harvey the Warrior bouncing around the stall!


The surgery –  rebuilding and stabilizing the patella – is done all the time on dogs.  It isn’t as common in horses but it does happen and is most successfully treated in the little ones.

The sooner the better.

Theresa has been given a quote to fix him.  $3000.

Can we help this formidable little warrior continue his wonderful life?

Fundraising Thermometer

Thank you, Everyone!  Here's a gummy kiss!

Thank you, Everyone! Here’s a gummy kiss!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!



HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. barbara massey

    i was at beauty’s haven this weekend and i have to tell you harvey is just the cutest the thing! oh my, what a little ball of energy… he and his mom were out for a little fresh air yesterday afternoon, he acts just like any other baby. curious and full of life, running and trying to buck, doing pretty well i might add! he is a precious little fellow who deserves a chance ! please help little harvey have a happy, healthy life!
    thank you. any amount helps!!

  2. Robin Jude

    Plzzz everyone share this on your facebook or Twitter or email.
    Harvey needs our help.
    Robin Jude

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