A HUGE IDEA! Anyone out there want to help import a small and precious herd of Skyros horses to the US – to help grow the almost extinct population?

The last minute Bucket Fund horses for July are the almost extinct Greek Skyros horses who are in peril right now due to the Greek economic crisis. (You can read their story here.)

The Skyrian horses are an ancient working breed whose DNA doesn’t match any other breed in the world.  For thousands of years, the wild horses would come down into the townships during harvest season, meet up with farmers and exchange work for food.  After the farmers had finished their work, they let the now plump wild horses loose to go back into the mountains.

Symbiotic for thousands of years.

After automation came to Skyros in 1950, there was no longer a use for the Skyros horse and their numbers dwindled.  In 1970, a few humans took note and started to protect the few horses that were left.

It is astounding and heartbreaking to know that after more than 40 years of serious breeding, there are still only 120 Skyrian horses on the island of Skyros.


On Corfu, there are another 30.  There is a satellite herd in Scotland of 30.

That’s it.

Douli and her colt, Adonis

Douli and her colt, Adonis

And now they are in a huge fight to survive during the economic crisis in Greece. 

We have figured out a secure way to get their caretakers hay and supplies  (their bank accounts are frozen) to make sure this priority herd survives and no genes are lost due to human money matters.

If you have ANY Starbucks money or car seat change, please please send it to these wonderful and mighty horses who once carried Achilles into battle!

The whole goal of the Drop in the Bucket Fund is to collect any amount and put it into one bucket and watch it grow!  We have only a couple of days left!  Thank you in advance!

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It has been suggested that a satellite herd in the USA would be a boon for the breed.  As it stands, if there was an equine blight in Europe, it could wipe out the entire stock of Skyros horses.

There is a woman in Australia who is trying to raise the funds to import a small herd…

But why not in the USA?

If any Greek Ex-patriot, or anyone … really… who would love to help save a dying breed of very rare and ancient genetics, please email me.  I know how to do it (export/travel/import/quarantine/medical attention/housing/breeding/maintenance) and our Foundation would make any donations a 100% tax deduction.  If there was a single donor, we’d honor that huge gesture.  Please forward!

These horses are ‘sharp as whips’, have an affinity for humans, love to train kids how to ride and are study and very hearty.  Win-Win…

This trio, all born in Scotland, are 3 years old.

Adorable baby Theodoros, born in Scotland.

Baby Topaz, born in Scotland.

Baby Topaz, born in Scotland.


Horsefly Films has donated 10 of their beautifully shot, informative and Award winning Rare Equine Trust film, ‘OF GODS AND KINGS, THE SKYROS HORSE’ for this Bucket Fund!

To purchase your OF GOD AND KINGS DVD for $25, click here! (shipping included)

Click image to purchase this beautifully shot informative story of the history of the Skyros horse.  Gorgeous!  Only 10 available for $25!

Click image to purchase the DVD for $25!

Dassia and Ivan thank you!

Dassia and Ivan thank you!


JEWELRY THAT BENEFITS THE BUCKET FUND HORSES!  Every donation counts!  Click image to see the new pieces!

JEWELRY THAT BENEFITS THE BUCKET FUND HORSES! Every sale counts! Click image to see the new pieces!

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  1. Alexis Mitsou

    I am in Evvia Gr. I own land here. Would love to help with these horses.Are they available to a suitable caring, financial stable home?

  2. dawndi Post author

    I respectfully disagree. The world just lost the last of the Abaco horses – after years of trying to export
    any of the herd. This would be a very well measured and contained operation. The Skyros horse people want and need
    for these horses to exist on another continent.

  3. Janet Schultz

    I’d like to see the horses stay where they belong. Bringing them to the US only makes them markeable and dispenseble as an exotic species. Did you not Just witness a Florida Cracker horse going through kill pen at Kaufman and a Rocky Mountain at Bowie, and worse, untold branded wild horses and burros. Until slaughter is outlawed, it is ridiculous to put more horses at risk. And it is ludicrous to assume the few that will be imported will not become inbred and subject to competitive pricing (aka profitable). The US is not the holder of compassionate care for animals some think.

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