A HORSE IS SHOT TWICE WHILE STANDING IN HIS FIELD, even as he tried to run away from his attackers… Meet JASPER, our JUNE BUCKET FUND GELDING!

Minding his own business, in his safe paddock, at a very nice Oregon boarding facility – Jasper was shot, TWICE.  Jasper was looking at his attackers when they shot him IN THE FACE.  The bullet went through his cheek and into his neck.  As Jasper turned to run, they shot him again and exploded his rear left leg muscles.

The bullet in his neck needs to be very carefully, surgically removed by a specialist as it is lodged too close to important vertebrae.  The muscle in his leg needs to be repaired and that bullet removed.  Jasper is in pain.

WHO WOULD DO THIS?!  JASPER IS IN SO MUCH PAIN… AND DANGER.  He should move very little until that neck bullet is removed.

Jasper was looking at the people who shot him. The bullet went through his cheek and into his neck. It is lodged right next to his vertebre and needs to be surgically removed. Jasper is in so much pain.

Jasper is alive.  But his is really sick and in grave danger of that bullet knicking something vitally important in his neck.

Let’s help his owner and Jasper deal with this shocking, obscene, random violent act against an innocent animal.  Let’s help Jasper and his owner afford his life-saving surgery.  COULD  YOU IMAGINE IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU?!

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He was shot – again – as he was running away, clearly. This bullet is still lodged in his exploded muscle.


I spoke to Jasper’s owner today while the vet was there, flushing his wounds for the umpteenth time in 24 hours.

She said that this happened, they think, at 3:15am.  A neighbor heard gunshots.

The next morning, when breakfast was being delivered, Jasper wouldn’t eat.  Then, when he heard a door slam, Jasper ran/stumbled out of his paddock with his head in an odd position.  At that point, the barn owner knew something was up – and checked him.

What she thought she was seeing in his neck was a puncture wound – like maybe a stick or something.  Except there was blood all over his cheek and neck…?  Then she saw his leg… and couldn’t figure it out.  How could a stick poke him like this and make a huge wound in his leg.  Nothing made sense and his leg was swollen ‘like a balloon’ and he couldn’t bear weight.  On a hunch, the barn owner ran to the fenceline – and found shell casings.

Immediately, everyone went into emergency action.  The vet and sheriff were called. Jasper’s local vet cleaned and flushed his wounds – and realized after Xrays, that this was beyond her capabilities.  This was too close to his spine and very dangerous.  The specialist was called and Jasper sees him today.

So far, no leads on the perps.

At first, they thought he poked himself on a stick or something like it… but it didn’t make sense. He was in too much pain. Then they found the shell casings.  Poor guy.

Before the vet was able to flush this wound, this leg was the “size of a balloon”. The wound has to be flushed continuously.  (He is on antibiotics.) The bullet is still in there. Jasper is on antibiotics and pain killers. He sees the specialist today.

PROGNOSIS – Jasper will see the specialist TODAY.

No one knows his prognosis because of the bullet in his neck, near his spine.  But if they can remove it without complications, he will survive.  The bullet in his leg muscle has to be removed and some of the muscle will be forever gone.  It will have atrophy.  They are hoping he can bear weight after the removal of the bullet and ensuing infection.

Jasper is a 9 year-old half Paint, half Freisian pleasure horse.  His owner loves him and understands that this may be the end of his soundness.  But, she just wants those bullets OUT – and to nurse him back to health.

Let’s please help both Jasper and his owner through this ordeal.  Having something like this happen is a nightmare.  Let’s carry them on our shoulders so that part of the worry can be eased.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Any amount is wonderful because every drop in the bucket counts!  Thank you!!

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This is Jasper’s swollen jaw. The bullet missed his bone and went in and out – then into his neck where it is lodged now. Looking at this, would anyone know it was a bullet?!

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  1. Delrene in Carlsbad, Ca

    I sure hope the authorities follow up. Really atrocious to have this happen to a peaceful animal resting in his paddock.

  2. Janwindsong

    A wild mare, Angel, of the Heber herd in Arizona was shot in the rear leg muscle. Actually the same spot as this horse. Forest service authorities shot her.

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