A Hopeful outcome for HOPE. It is fixable!! We can truly help her! October’s Bucket Fund.

Y’Know… sometimes it really feels good to go after something that has a 99% chance of success.

I mean, it isn’t that we shouldn’t help the ‘uncertain outcome’ horses.  But, once and a while it is nice to KNOW that whatever you do to help will ensure a life saved.

October’s Bucket Fund is one of those ‘sure thing’ cases.

Ugh. Homemade splits that created compression sores.


Meet HOPE.  She was born severely knock-kneed.  But, even with her disability, she was able to stand and nurse for 4 weeks – until her breeder cast her out into the field to die.

You see, the vet had pronounced that this baby would need radiographs, surgery and aftercare.  That prognosis proved too much for the owners.  And instead of finding a humane alternative, they put her in the outer field to be eaten by whatever wild animal got there first.

Luckily, a neighbor saw what was happening and grabbed Hope.

Meet Hope... Left out in a field for the wolves to eat.

Yikes! What the?... She has knock knees. Totally fixable through surgery.


The neighbor did her best to care for Hope for two weeks… but was unable to continually feed this baby with all of her work and home duties.  So, she called in Alder Hill Farms.  Smart.

Alder Hill Farm is a non-profit horse rescue in Missouri.  Here is their website link.  (FB page linked here.)

The kind folks at Alder Hill drove out to help the good neighbor with this filly.

What they found was quite upsetting…

Hope had deep, nasty, tendon exposing, infection inviting compression sores on both knees.  Evidently, the breeder had splinted and wrapped Hope’s knees to try to fix them without surgery.

Not the best idea…

Anyway, Alder Hill Farm rushed the 6 week old filly to the University of Missouri Equine Hospital.

Hope arrives at the hospital... She can stand, walk and nurse - she has no idea she is different.


The hospital vets were very optimistic!

Even though this was the worst case of knock-knees they had ever seen, this condition could be rectified via surgery.  Totally do-able!  Hope would never be a reiner, let’s say… but she could potentially be good to go for light riding or any other ‘easy on the knees” vocation.

Most importantly, this sweet girl has a great shot at a good life, with surgery.

Hope at the hospital for evaluation and wound clean-up. How could you NOT fall in love with her?!


Hope arrives at Alder Hill. She needs surgery which can correct this.


Surgery could be performed as early as THIS WEEK!

First, Alder Hill is working on clearing up the infection in her wounds to make sure nothing bad moves into her joints.  Concurrently, Alder Hill is hoping to find the funds for the veterinary fees, build a special shelter, pay for her aftercare as well as the ever expensive milk replacement formulas.

The good news is that the University of Missouri is offering a 25% ‘non-profit discount’ to get this procedure done quickly!


In the meantime, Alder Hill has crafted a temporary shelter, tends to Hope’s wounds hourly and has brought in a few friendly nursing goats to provide company, comfort and milk!

Everyone has fallen in love with this filly who doesn’t know she is disabled.  Hope is a perfect patient and everyone at Alder Hill is pulling for her.

Hope is a smart girl who is doing quite well in spite of it all.



Hope has to be safely separated from the herd but she loves the big horses and giddy-hops over to the fence so she can be as close as possible.

She pushes the goats out of her food bucket and loves to nuzzle her cat.  Hope totally understood her shelter hay bed from the first time she saw it – she plopped down and took a snooze right away!  Hope trailers and stands haltered for the vet.  She is a brilliant baby!

She loves her humans and according to everyone at Alder Hill, Hope is very, very sweet!

Emerging from naptime, awaiting surgery.


We know surgery will benefit this girl and give her a full life.

Anyone want to feel good today?  I do… I love being able to KNOW that my donation will FOR SURE help a little one.

From the jaws of a predator to the gifted hands of a surgeon – let’s help this filly!

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Such a sweet girl. Can we help her receive the surgery she needs?





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  1. Dawn

    Dawn, love your blog, so could I get comments on a recent issue? If so, please post…..I board my horse at a barn that leases the extra field where my horse graces with her herd. Yesterday, the owners’ son was there with his 3 kids, friend and dog, camping out. We met, he was fine, he helped repair a fence. An hr later, he drives his pick-up from where they were camping out, 50 MPH, aimed at my horse and leasee, who has only ridden 6 months, forcing my horse to rear. He ordered us off ‘his’ property, that we had no business riding there and to remove our items. My leasee jumped off my horse and then he proceeded to come after me while I was holding a fully tacked horse. He was screaming at the top of his lungs (no alcohol on his breath) obscenities at me and not allowing me to untack my girl. Then he ‘offered to help’ and smacked my horse on the nose, forehead, and neck and ripped her bridle off. fortunately, I had time to remove her saddle so she could run free. When he came after my horse, I remained calm in voice but I grabbed at his shirt to push him away and then attempted to kick him twice in the groin to keep him away from me and horse. He grabbed my phone when I was trying to call police and he called police. Police showed up, he screamed at him, police left (!!!) he called them BACK and 2 cars arrived. I have a case number for animal control and magistrate. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving her in the field where he was camping out but had no choice. Barn owner asked me not to rock the boat by filing charges (he’s basically harmless(!!!)) because she’s afraid mother (leasor) will cancel lease and barn owner needs field for her horses. I DO plan on filing animal abuse charges against him, but what about swearing out an arrest warrant and looking for a new boarding facility? Is the barn owner REALLY at such a risk because mother doesn’t like conflict? Parents must know son is mentally unbalanced! HELP!!!

  2. Dana Valentin

    Thank You everyone for all the Help you are giving HOPE. I could not believe anyone could be so heartless and cruel to such a precious soul. There was no way I would let her die. I am so thankful to Alder Hill Farm for taking her. Because of you she can become the horse that she was meant to be.

  3. Shelly Gatton

    Horrible…what is wrong with people…everything your breed is your responsiblity!!! This is just awful and I am totally discusted that anyone would do this!!!! Horray neighbor for your efforts and Shame on the owner who left this little baby to suffer and die. Karma is a Bitch is all I can say

  4. Michelle Roades

    Just sent you 50.00 for Hope. Take care of that little girl!!!

  5. Linda C

    Hope…you are beautiful. What makes you different is what makes you such a special little soul! Thank you to all involved in the care of this precious life!

  6. Alder Hill Farm

    Thank you Dawn and everyone for all of support, prayers and donations for our little Hope! She is an amazing fighter and since arriving at the rescue has recovered from her scours, is eating like a horse (although she was NOT impressed with the goat milk at 7 weeks she is eating grain, milk replacer and hay like a horse), and her compression sores are healing quickly!!! She also loves to greet the saddle crew, minis and other horses around her every morning, nickering and hurrying over to check everything out!

    Hope is currently on antibiotics and we change her wraps daily to ensure that she does not have any infection when she goes in for her surgery October 12th!!!!! Hope received her first pedicure (trim) yesterday as well! Please visit our FB page to receive updates on our special lil girl!!!

    Just to give you a little information about our rescue, Alder Hill Farm is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and relocating abused, slaughter-bound, neglected and surrendered horses. Alder Hill Farm also strives to educate the public about properly caring for horses and natural horsemanship techniques to prevent horses from entering the slaughter pipeline. We are located in Walnut Grove, MO and have many wonderful horses available for adoption!

  7. Jaime Foutty

    I will be sharing this on my blog. Hopefully we can get lots of help for her. Also I might add for her actual sores (from the splints…) that Medihoney alginate dressings (meant for people) are wonderful and extremely helpful for healing and reducing scars.

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