H. Alan Day (Author of THE HORSE LOVER writes a Cowboy Column: “COWBOY WISDOM LEROY STYLE”

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One of my favorite authors is H. Alan Day.  He is the brother of Sandra Day O’Connor who grew up on the largest ranch West of the Mississippi – The Lazy B.  He has many stories to tell about his life – and his love of the horse.  Alan is also a huge advocate of the mustang.  His book, The Horse Lover, was so inspiring, as soon as I finished it, I wrote to him.  I was that moved.

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ALAN IS A FRIEND… such a mentor!

After calling Alan, we sparked a friendship based on our mutual love of the mustangs.  He even invited me out to the Lazy B – which was incredible.  You can read that story here.

Now Alan is writing a column – of sorts – about his life.  Quick comments of cowboy wisdom.

Here is one for your enjoyment!


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  1. Helen Fleming

    H Alan Day tops the short list of my favorite writers. His stories of times past on the ranches are poignant and rewarding in the messages they hold. I would love to meet this person who brings such enjoyment. I have “loaned” my copy of The Horse Lover to friends…but they also pass it on and I never expect to get it back! Another trip to the book store is coming up. Thank you for calling attention to his writings.

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