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I've been a very happy film producer (commercial and long format) for over 20 years. But, the horses have always been foremost in my heart... Currently I live on a small ranch in California with my wonderful husband, 13 horses, 4 dogs, 3 cats and various woodland creatures. Life is good!


TODAY, it is pouring rain in California.  I’m guessing many of you have read about this.  Our power is off and on.  Tough to upload pics.  But, let’s go for it!


Storm clouds are scary, but beautiful!

Gorgeous and he knows it…  photo by Tamara Gooch

I love this. What a great face!  Southern Ground Hornbill

What a GREAT idea!!

These huge bats look like hanging dogs, to me.

Red-eyed crocodile skinks look like baby dragons

These are flowers!

Perfect colors.


Kinda like us… a myriad of colors

A neighbor actually found these guys in her yard. Makes me think that they fought each other and were caught on that side…

Both determined.

So pretty.

Annual event in CO. I would love to see that!

This pic tells SUCH a story!

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TODAY, I start feeding the horses on my own – which should be interesting since it is a rainy, swampy mess out there.  But, I will be very careful!  And, it will be so great to see all of their wooly faces.  I’m sure they have been wondering what happened to me.  They catch glimpses of me inside the house, but they haven’t actually interacted with me in 5 weeks.   It is about time I healed!


Proud Mama

I laughed out loud on this one.

Yes, Please. I think this is Tahoe, right near me… the water is icy cold but gorgeous.

I was never brave enough to show my horses myself… . This photog was at all of my Morgan shows with my Morgans.

So beautiful to see them in flight.

A great shot.

The inspiration.

So true.

I totally appreciate field art. Except with hay prices out here, that hay tractor is just about as valuable as a real one!

I like to nibble kitties, too.

Some kind of stork?…

I know Wyoming/Montana are horribly cold right now, but it sure is beautiful …

Somebody has been in a few fights… but he has lots of love.

Playmates forever.


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!