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I've been a very happy film producer (commercial and long format) for over 20 years. But, the horses have always been foremost in my heart... Currently I live on a small ranch in California with my wonderful husband, 13 horses, 4 dogs, 3 cats and various woodland creatures. Life is good!


Today, I will groom everyone and maybe plant some roses!


Such a great grin!

Artists amaze me.


Beautiful, wild friends.

Cracks me up.

For me, a warm room has wood.

I needed this reminder. I learned this once, a long time ago.

I love this.

I’ve never seen an owl in real life (outside of a bird show).


Mother Nature is amazing.

I find this fascinating… I’d love to know the play.

Me, before coffee.

I know this is photoshopped, but I still smiled…

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And then she did THIS!

As you know, our girl Gwen, has terminal founder.  There is no way to recover – her left rear coffin bone is almost through her sole.

In addition, her right rear has suffered a catastrophic tendon issue of unknown origin.

Her hind end is failing.

However… she greeted me like THIS this morning… BEFORE her meds!

I do not understand how she can do this, knowing what her X-rays reveal.  Yet, she did.  All of her weight on her back feet – one foundered and the other with very minimal suspension.

SHE is an amazing girl.

This is how she greeted me this morning – before her meds!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!