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I've been a very happy film producer (commercial and long format) for over 20 years. But, the horses have always been foremost in my heart... Currently I live on a small ranch in California with my wonderful husband, 13 horses, 4 dogs, 3 cats and various woodland creatures. Life is good!


TODAY, Fernando the Farrier comes for the last time.  (Very sad to move away from him…)


So peaceful.

How do they do that? How do they know how to do that?

I guess I liked a lot of bird photos this week… But look at those colors!

I laughed out loud on this one.

Mother Nature…

Cracked me up…

Gorgeous and moody.


Beautiful heirloom tomatoes

Mother Nature has a sense of humor… (these are orchids)

My kind of riding.

Wow. Motherhood or Beetlejuice?!

Artists amaze me.


By Kat Livengood.  (one of my favs)

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