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I've been a very happy film producer (commercial and long format) for over 20 years. But, the horses have always been foremost in my heart... Currently I live on a small ranch in California with my wonderful husband, 13 horses, 4 dogs, 3 cats and various woodland creatures. Life is good!

This week, Phoblog Saturday is on Sunday!

Today, I will play with the horses while it is still cool outside and then go in and rest my broken back/torn knee the remainder of the day!  (Update on injuries… saw specialists this week.  Waiting for diagnostics on X-rays and MRI.  But both specialists think that I was very lucky and it will all heal on its own within 6 months.  In the meantime, it is just gonna hurt.  Basically, they gave me a few braces and told me if it hurts, stop doing whatever you are doing.)


I always wondered what “anting” meant

Princess Buttercup Pebbles this morning.

Willy, formerly “Dominic”, asking me why I fell off?! He thinks maybe I need some lessons.

I have no idea what kind of ship this is… but I’m glad I am not on it or near it.

I couldn’t help it… This is Paso Robles Wine Country humor.

I know this is probably AI, but very cool! U wicked go there for sure,

Clint Eastwood with one of his horses. Clint has been a fan since his rawhide days. I remember when I first got into Rescue work, I interviewed the original Redwings Sanctuary which was on Clint’s property in Carmel.

I love this. Three Morgans from East of Equinox Farm in Vermont.

Such a perfect shot for the sad dilemma of the wild horses.

I love the one with the ball.

A shot I took at the Ranch last week. I could only walk… so one of the wranglers took us to this lovely old homestead in Teton Park.

This is me, Brokeback Dawnie, doing not much during Team Penning. As you can see, Jazzy is looking one way and I’m looking the other – and no cows or teammates near me. I was pretty useless.

Wow. I wish she had written a book.

Perfect timing.

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Today is our last full day at the Ranch.  I am pre-writing this blogpost so I have no idea what kind of a trip I’ve had, but I’m guessing it was good!


Photo credit: Jenn Wang

Love this.

I remember hearing about something like this for all the abandoned shopping malls… make them into senior homes with everything they need in one spot, and apartments aon the upper levels – or lower levels. All the infrastructure is there already.

Artists amaze me.



I remember my Dad speaking about these homes!

Doesn’t this sound amazing?!… Look at that caboose window!

I know this is may be unfair, but it always makes me laugh – because I can relate.

I seem to like this shot, in all seasons.

Mother Nature has a sense of humor… snowflakes as headdresses?!

You gotta admit, he looks cute…

Good to know!

I wish I knew more about cows… I’d like to have 2.


Wild Mama and baby.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!