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I've been a very happy film producer (commercial and long format) for over 20 years. But, the horses have always been foremost in my heart... Currently I live on a small ranch in California with my wonderful husband, 13 horses, 4 dogs, 3 cats and various woodland creatures. Life is good!

What is in all of these Western Auctions anyway?! Well, let’s just look, shall we?…

Well after thinking about the auction of all of Roy Rogers stuff, I thought about what might be in these Western Auctions that you see advertised in Western magazines.  I really had no idea…    I used to collect ceramic water fowl statues.  Ducks and flying or walking birds… I love to look at them for some reason…

Anyway, then I wondered about what type of person would be selling these Western articles to the auctions?  I wondered if this auction circuit is just a massive lazysusan of already discovered items from days gone by…  Or, are new artifacts surfacing daily?  I mean, how much more is left to be unearthed?  Are there still old cowboys with wooden trunks filled with six-shooters and pocket watches?  In any event, the cynic in me figures that the really unique and authentic items are snatched up by the few very well-heeled collectors.  There are probably some grizzled Sam Elliott cowboy gazillionaires who are collectors of Western memorabilia and snap up all the good stuff before we even know it exists.  Or, not…  Dunno.  I needed to open my mind…

Perhaps new stashes are found in old barns and cellars every day?!  If you watch HOARDERS this seems quite possible.  But, I wondered.  I wondered about the history behind all of the pieces.  I wondered if those psychics who can put their hands on an object and tell its past would have their heads split apart if they entered an auction room like that… I mean, imagine the sensory overload of all of these pieces chattering at once!

Then I thought about myself…  What would I like from a Western Auction?  Well, since I didn’t know what they sell in these auctions, I didn’t have a clear idea.  But, if I could just use my imagination, I would create a Western boardwalk town at my place.  I’d want the swinging doors and the settin’ porches and the sound of a tinkling piana just off in the distance.    I’m sure the floors not quite matching the walls or the plumbing being what it was back then would not really float my boat.  But, the idea is very alluring.  Hmmmmm.  I had to check out an auction for myself!

First I looked at the ad for the Western Estate Auction from A&S Auction Company.  Hmmmm.  As we all know, the word  “estate” gets  tossed around pretty loosely.  I’m sure you’ve been driving around your neighborhood and seen those hand crafted (putting it gently) signs for “estate” sales…  Basically, the word “estate” can just be a catch-all term for items that look like they could have come from another era.  Anyway, I decided to adventure… So, here goes!


OK, first of all, I need to say that the ad in COWBOYS AND INDIANS was quite pleasing to the eye.  It looked like they had a bunch of things you would find as props in a trendy Western store or maybe in the lounge of an upscale dude ranch.  After all, the ad boasted “over 700 quality lots!”   So far, so good.

I entered the site.  It was easy to navigate.  There were about 10 photos to a page.  If you liked the photo, you could click on it and  a brief description would come up.  As I clicked a few pages I discovered what seemed to be a theme…  I understand that each auction is different depending upon what the auction house acquires during that time frame.  Well, this auction which is listed as June 12-13 (and we are now at June 17) must have been an interesting find…  I think it should have been titled, “Things to kill with, things to inflict pain, stuffed things and some pretty paintings.”  Oy.  Not too many pieces in this collection for your Montana Lodge reception area…

Anyway, after sifting through the many sharp and dangerous objects (or dead and stuffed objects), I have listed a few items that I thought were interesting for you to see.  Since I figure you all aren’t going to run out and look up any auctions immediately, I’ll happily take a look around and post it here.

1)  This first lot had a photo of a leather jacket which I found interesting so I clicked on it.


The story was pretty cool.  You get an early leather fringed & beaded jacket (the one pictured), hair-on-hide gauntlets, personal tools for buffalo skinning, original photo of 101 Ranch hands w/ buffalo herd, two original photos of squaw & son of White Crow, photo of 101 buffalo herd of 1905, also, a canceled check from the 101 Ranch Wild West Show written to Miller Bros Trust for $5489.50, signed by Joe Miller, a photo of White Crow’s son after a kill of a buffalo on the 101 with what appears to be a Winchester 1894, and last but not least, a hand written & signed letter from White Crow’s son, Billy White Crow.

Wow.  And then it goes on to say that this was acquired from the son of White Crow himself who was born in 1903.  He wrote and signed a statement describing how these items were used by his father and what it all meant to him as a boy.  Cool.


2)  This was so creepy I had to include it.  Of all the stuffed items, these were the most unusual.

It is described at Lot 44.  These are stuffed bobcats measuring 36″ tall who are now mounted on 4′ rustic board in outstanding condition.  Both cats were killed with a Remington equipped with night a vision scope and you could purchase that, too…

3)  I loved


this top hat.  If I had it, I would make Hubby wear it.  It is described as Lot #40, Early beaver top hat with beaded brim and large eagle crest in front.  I didn’t know beavers wore top hats…  Sounds like a Lewis Carroll character.  “Alice entered and met a beaver wearing a top hat with beaded trim and an eagle crest…”

4)  This photo looked so out of the ordinary for this auction, I


wondered how this shelf of books made it in?  Actually, there were a few book collections lingering among all the carnage.  They seemed to all be very similar so they probably came from the same source.  So, I clicked on this particular photo.

It is a set of books describing the Presidents.  “Lot 251, estate collection of 43 biographies of different Presidents of the US.  They have beautiful covers , gold lettering from the estate of the late Dr. Bauerle, San Antonio, TX.  Some books have the original plastic covers and were never opened.”

I thought it was interesting that no authors were mentioned.  I wonder whose point of view wrote these bios?  Interesting.  I’ve never thought about buying books not based on the author, except when purchasing Encyclopedias.

5)  Yay!  A painting.  No blood or depiction of blood.


Just a couple of guys riding on the range.  OK…  The description says, “Lot 12 Double signed, Joe Rader Roberts, canvas transfer, #79. Measures 18″ x 24″, w/ frame of 24″ x 30″. Signed & numbered lower left. Also has Texas Ranger seal. This art was commissioned during the early 70s at the grand opening of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & is one of the originals.”

Aha!  Not really an antique (or I am an antique as well…) but it was an estate piece.  And, since I’m not a fine art person I have no idea about Joe Rader Roberts or what “double signed” means.  Signed front and back?  Signed twice in a cool halo effect?  Signed by Joe Rader and then Joe Roberts?  Anyway, it is probably something really special so I’m not making fun.  At least no one is using a rifle, killing anything or mounting any heads.


OK, so I decided to check out another auction that hopefully, would be less brutish.  I chose the Red Baron’s Auction because the ad showed more furniture than gore.

First of all, the site ( — this kills me because my eye sees R BANTIQUES, not R B ANTIQUES… anyway, I went to the site and it is really designed like an assault on your eyes.  I didn’t know where to begin.  In fact, instead of simplifying it, they write instructions (in yet a different color) on the front page to help you find your way.  Oy.

OK, well that didn’t help much because every lot item has the exact same description.  The only difference is the header which tells you what category this mystery piece falls under.  So, you have to click on the header to see the piece and if you are interested, you need to call them.  Uh huh.  If you want to continue, you have to click back and guess what the next item might be.  This exercise could be fun since you have a general category to muse over while you wait for the newly clicked mystery item to appear, but really… why?  I was clicking away, willy nilly, having no idea what I would see or if it would interest me.  I guess if I had the money to purchase these items I might also have the idle time to review them in such an arcane manner.  I had to clear my cache about 3 times just to get through a few pages.  Not user friendly.

The good news is there was far less gore but also far less Western stuff.  I went back to the ad to see if it even says “Western” and I realized that it didn’t.  The ad was just in a Western magazine which would lead you to believe it had Western stuff in it.  Or at least it lead me to believe that.  I picked out a few items of interest.

1)  Really large furniture.


Lots of really large furniture.  There must be a huge network of people who move really large furniture for other people.  Maybe it is like the horse transportation business.  If you have a horse, you know what those rigs look like.  If you don’t, you never notice them.  So, it must be like that…  I mean, how do you transport an entire gazebo, a Victorian leaded glass door, a mantle the size of my house or Tuscany doors removed from some castle?

2)  I found


several things that were extremely interesting like a Russian telescope and a vintage Zenith movie camera.  But, I wanted to stick with Western items.  So, I found this… A “parlor pistol”…?  Is this for when I wish to end someone’s life in a parlor?  Or is this a pistol pretty enough for your parlor?  Isn’t it strange that a gun would have such a soft sounding name?  It is a Flobert single shot 22 caliber parlor pistol.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe ladies who worked in parlors carried them in their garters…  It kinda looks like it is missing a piece.

3)  This slot machine caught my eye because it brought me back to the


days when I had a toy slot machine.  I forget the function of my toy besides a slot machine (piggy bank or purse?) but the dials spun really fast if I pulled the handle and it made a whirring noise.  I remember that my hair blew back when I watched the numbers race around and around.  I cherished that little toy… And, this reminded me of that.  The description:  5 cent slot machine adorned with red diamond shapes. 2.2’H x 16″W.

4)  This item I found really fascinating.


It is a “Gamblers Box”.  What is odd to me is how did these boxes come to be?  It is a product, not a black market thing?  So, did the gambler order this from Sears?  I mean, how did they get manufactured?  Did all gamblers have these in different colors?

I also find it very intriguing that every box came with a gun and a knife.  Or in this case, two pearl handled guns and a knife.  It also had some bullet sleeves built-in.  I guess a gambler would open his box and prepare in his room before he went downstairs to the tables.  He’d load his guns, stash his knife in his shoe and mark his cards.  Then he’d saunter into the hall and play.  If he was unlucky, would someone else end up with his Gamblers Box?  Ahhh, if only the blue cloth could talk…

5)  There were so many interesting things in this auction but I wanted to keep to horsey things.  So, I picked this bronze piece as our last item.  Now looking at this, one doesn’t know if it is the size of an orange or the size of a house.  Actually, it is somewhere in-between.  The description:  KD5792 Bronze horse with jockey. 6.5’H x 6’L

OK, it is bigger than a breadbox and probably won’t fit in your foyer.  And, it is yet another thing to be transported by those guys that do that.  But for me, the curious part was that this looks like a young girl rider going to an equitation class, not a jockey.  Her hat and outfit kinda give it away.  And, I don’t see much “antiqueness” about this.  She is wearing rather current boots.  In fact, I think they are Ariats.  And, she looks to be chewing gum… or tobacco.  Just kidding.  ;)

Anyway, that is my long winded foray into two of the Auction Houses you see in magazine ads.  It was fun!  Thanks for coming along.


I found this on MSNBC yesterday and had to clip it.  I call it a Pug Shot.  Too cute!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

If you want an update on the Iron Man Rescued Foal Bucket Fund or to donate, please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

Update on the Keebler Shetlands, Update on Topper and a fun video!

I wanted to give you a few updates and a really cute video.


Shetlands and Icys, Oh My!…

Smurf before her much needed trim

First, I wanted to update you on the adoptions for the Keebler Shetlands.  Do you remember that story?  Their hooves were so long they looked like elf feet which is how they got their name?… You can read about them here. (pic is Smurf before her trim)

Anyway, the lovely folks at Falcon Ridge were kind enough to contact me to let me know that they have been working with the Shetlands, healing them and placing them.  All but 7 have homes!


Do you have room?  I swear, I totally loooove my Shetlands so with confidence I ask you to consider one of these darlings if you can.  I’m sure the folks at Falcon Ridge would


give you the complete low down on any of these kids and would find the match for you.

Also, I wanted to tell you that there was a huge seizure of 40 Icelandic Horses as well.  (This Rescue is very busy…!)  I have an Icy and she is wonderful.  Very hearty.  Very capable.  So, you might want to ask about the Icys if a riding horse sounds better for you.  From what I understand, these Icys were in large fields, are well bred but not handled often.  They aren’t wild, just need some TLC.


I think if you were in the market for a smaller riding horse of good breeding and easy keeping, this would be a great opportunity.  And, might I add, Icys are usually very expensive…

Here is the direct link for the Icy Roundup.


Here is the update on the Shetlands from Falcon Ridge.  As an aside, BOTH of my Shetlands were little stallions when I got them.  So, if any of these little stallions are still stallions by the time you read this, and you are interested, gelding mine was relatively inexpensive and there are NO repercussions for having done it later in life.


Smurf after her much needed trim

Please let your readers know that we’ve still got 3 stallions and 4 mares
looking for their Forever Homes. They’re beautiful, intelligent little Shetlands, and will make great pets.
1)  Chewie, although a stallion, is a real lover, he enjoys being
groomed and fussed over.  He has a thick thick mane and soft eyes.
2)  Pixie, a pretty little chestnut mare with flaxen mane & tail, is
the friendliest little mare, always willing to lead the Herd over to accept


hand offerings.
3)  Teenie, a dappled silver mare, is quietly alert, ever watchful.
4)  Trinket, the youngster, is a long-legged, white & cream-brown
darling.  She’ll be tall like her mother, Princess Lea.

Darth Vadar

5)  Smurf is the oldest of the mares – a pretty strawberry roan,
already halter broken and well mannered.  A friendly bright-eyed matron.
6)  Frodo, the cutest littliest stallion – is always watching, always
interested in everything going on.  He’s halter broken, enjoys being groomed
and is learning the rewards of interacting with humans.
7)  Darth Vadar, the spirited roan stallion, has bright blue eyes, and
rules the paddoci with intelligent energy that never wanes.

Anyone interested in adopting one of the few remaining Herd members,

Silfur and Halti

please have
them send me an email at:


OK, now for the two adorable but not rideable Icys that are available, here is their photo.  I’m sure Peg will have word on others that could be rideable. But, if you have room for lovely Icy pasture puffs, please consider these lovelies, Silfur and Halti.  For the other Icys that are available, click here.

If you’d like to see all of the INCREDIBLE horses of all shapes, ages and sizes available at Falcon Ridge, please click here.  I know these horses have had wonderful care and that you would be getting exactly what you see or are told.  Some of the riding horses on this page look awesome!  There is also a very nice mini…  ;)


The Three Amigos

I found this on Facebook and it made me smile.  This was videoed by a woman who obviously loves her mustangs and also has a sense of humor.  I loved it.  Very sweet!  You have to kinda let it play for a bit but the part where the horses are all singing and she is orchestrating with her finger made me laugh out loud!  Here is the link.  Or, click on the photo.

Their names are Thor, D’Artagnan and Comanche.  Wow.  It only shows you what time, love and smarts can do for a coupla fun lovin’ mustangs and their Mama!


TOPPER very sick

TOPPER getting better


I wanted to update you on Topper.  He was found basically too weak to stand with huge sores from laying in urine. He was undernourished obviously, a 1 on the Heineke Scale and just a foal who certainly didn’t deserve this kind of a start in life.  Luckily, the folks at the Lil Patch of Heaven brought him back to health.  I love these success stories…

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!
If you want an update on the Iron Man Rescued Foal Bucket Fund or to donate, please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!