I visited Annie! She had her first trail ride alone!

Sunday, March 27th, 2022 | Filed under Annie

As  most of you know, Annie is in training with Gillian Larson, the thru-rider.  Dalton is there, too.

I went to visit them both last week!

Here are some pics of Annie!

This is Annie with Gillian on their first trail ride.

Annie is fat and happy. Very dappled.

Time to go to work…

Working in the arena…

Annie was a very good girl …

No issues at the walk, trot, canter… however Gillian says that there are many days where Annie is full of energy and starts kicky bucky yee-haw. Gillian’s Mom is a dressage rider and is also working with Annie in dressage.

It was a great day for everyone. Thank you, Gillian!



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