Isabelle is home! Look at her coat! I’m kinda sold on that feed… (no affiliation)

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Do you remember me telling you about the mare I adopted who had been abandoned at my vet clinic?  They got me at exactly the right time, when I had just lost Wrigley and Beautiful Girl.

We call her Isabelle and if you’d like to read that post, it is linked here.

For the last few months while Isabelle was in training, I had her on the feed that I had purchased to try.  It is called Wild Fed (no affiliation).


Isabelle had been a bit underweight, so I gave the trainer my 2 bags of Wild Fed because I figured it made sense to give it to 1 horse to try instead of giving meager amounts to all of my horses.  (A while back, I had written about Wild Fed because I wanted to try it and wondered if any of you had tried it.  You can read it here.)

Because I hadn’t seen her in a month, when I went over there for her feet trimming, I was astounded.  The mare looked incredible!  She was so shiny and bright.  It was an amazing difference.  And now she is home after an additional month, and she looks even better.

I don’t think these photos really show the shine, but I hope you can see that she is glossy and shiny – her coat is practically glowing!  Even my horse feeder remarked on how shiny she was… and Hubby said that she was beautiful.  I asked Hubby why he thought she was beautiful and he said because she is so shiny!

So, I think Wild Fed works!  (You are what you eat….)

It is probably hard to tell in this photo… but she is literally glowing.

She gained weight and she is incredibly shiny. Her hooves are growing out with a definite nutrition line difference.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY… I’m going to Paso to get more!

The store closest to me that carries Wild Fed in California, is in Paso Robles.  Of course.  The place we just left… 5 hours away.

Every few months I have to go back down to Paso to have continued dental work.  This time, I’m going to pick up several bags of Wild Fed and try it on a few of the horses here.  I think it will be too rich for the donkeys, but I might give them a bit.  However, I think Izzy and Dalton definitely will be on it.  And Dominic.  Finn and Missy Miss are naturally very shiny and healthy looking.  But Mr. Rocky Balboa could use a glowup…

I’m excited to see the results!



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A little RANT from California.

I have a rant.

I just filled up my diesel truck.  $165 and it wasn’t even totally empty.

I also just purchased hay.  Grass hay.  $37/bale.

And people wonder why private horses are being dumped right and left around here…

My local grower told me that most hay farmers are selling to Japan and the UE.  The prices are so good, they cannot refuse.  The grass is brought down to the compressors by the ports and shipped off in plastic wrapped compacted bales.  (Which is another reason why the BLM wants wild horses off of scarce and valuable grazing land… and why the BLM holding pens say that the horses are too expensive to house… .)

Even worse, there’s a new disgusting thing happening to people who are keeping and caring for their horses – some pets are being taken out of their fields at night and butchered for meat.  Yup.  Disgusting.  Horrible.  No words.  (Lock your access gates.)

All of this is so discouraging and heavy for California horse owners.

That’s it.  That’s my rant.

I still love my horses.  I still want to take care of them all.  But now I lock the gate and I do less other stuff so I can afford to pay for what I do with them.

Still.  Really, California?!  You can do better for your ranchers.


(The kitty in the photo is my kitty.  His name is Boy Kitty and he’s 15 – I adore him.  Boy Kitty lives in the barn and eats a lot.  BK went to the vet recently and he weighed 17 pounds.  He’s a big boy.  In that photo, he was actually just talking to me.  He had climbed up on my lap and was purring and making biscuits as he told me what what up in his life.  Clearly he was ranting, too!)

Also, I have a friend ISO (in search of) a very experienced, friendly trail horse who loves that job.  Sane, solid, sound.  Must be smallish.  Not over 15’1.   Aged between 8-12, but might consider other candidates.  Mare or Gelding.  I would most likely take care of it.  No funny business… just a rock solid trail horse.

email me if you know of an honest person with this horse.  Thanks!


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!