By now, you have all heard about the Neanderthal wingnut who decided to make a point by horrifying millions of people on You Tube.

In case you haven’t heard, this is what the Neanderthal did:

An employee of a horse slaughter plant planning to open in New Mexico, is seen casually walking a horse into camera range, pets it, calmly pulls out a pistol, says “To all you animal activists F*** You”, and shoots the horse in the head.


I wonder how he negotiates with his family?

Anyway, this was simply horrific and a real boon for the WHAT NOT TO DO – EVER coalition.


Now what could be the worst part – on so many levels –  of this horrific act, besides being permanently scarring to most viewers and an all around terrible life choice – is that this awful act was totally legal.

Neanderthal wingnut could shoot his own horse or dog (wife?) or whatever… on his own property.

It isn’t animal cruelty.

It just is what it is.


The power of numbers (numbers of people) is strong.  We can create an uproar.  We can kick and scream and be the squeaky wheel until someone gives in and makes a difference.

It works.


Here is a link to a local – to the wingnut – online newspaper which is taking a poll on whether the Neanderthal should be punished.

You can go here to take the poll (hopefully it is still up when you read this)

If the poll is no longer up when you get there, PLEASE contact them and tell the editor how you feel – calmly (Remember, it isn’t the editor or mail clerk who pulled the trigger).  Please let their town know how it looks to the rest of the country as they support this type of behavior.  Let them know how you feel about the slaughter plant.  Tell them how there is no humane way to slaughter horses – yet.  Tell them how frightening it would be to have this type of individual executing our horses.

This is where the poll sits on the website of the local to the Neanderthal's online news.  Please take the poll.  As you can see, after I took it, the largest percentage of votes are for him to be punished!  We CAN create a movement! Click image to go to poll.

This is where the poll sits on the website of the local to the Neanderthal’s online news. Please take the poll. As you can see, after I took it, the largest percentage of votes are for him to be punished! We CAN create a movement!
Click image to go to poll.



Here are two links to bills against equine slaughter for human consumption:

Lets fight back against this type of barbaric cruelty.  Please make your voice and vote heard for the horses by following the links below. (links provided by Dreamcatcher Sanctuary)

Just Introduced:
1)  — The Safeguard American Food Exports Act (HR 1094): To prohibit the sale or transport of equines and equine parts in interstate or foreign commerce for human consumption.
Weigh in at

2)  — S 541: A bill to prevent human health threats posed by the consumption of equines raised in the US.
Weigh in at



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Mary Ferris

    If I were to go out and beat my dogs to death or shoot them just to be shooting them, I’d be so far in the penal system I’d never see the light of day. I agree, can he shoot his wife also and claim to be cannibal and have her in his freezer.
    This is an outrage…
    I was raised on a farm in Illinois, we butchered our own animals but they were HONORED for their sacrifice and we did everything in private. We didn’t invite all the neighbors and make a big production of the process.
    This horse’s life was not taken for survival, it was taken purely to make a statement! If allowed to go unpunished, it will make a statement to others like this man that it’s okay and we’ll have a lot of the same being posted on the internet; and will it stop with that or will they go on to human killings and posting them. NIP THIS IN THE BUD!! Right now! He wants to be an example, make him one!

  2. Lila Harding "Horse Coach"

    I have already signed the petitions the poll seemed to be disabled and here is my letter to the editor of the New Mexico paper. Thank you for bring this all to light. I had not heard this story.
    Dear Editor, I am responding to a poll you recently had about the man who shot a horse in the head as a violent message to all of those who love and respect these beautiful creatures, and the heated debate about horses slaughter, exporting meat and all of the issue that surround it. The poll seems to be disabled,
    Your poll specifically was about the man and the act and whether he should be punished, was it a crime etc.
    THERE IS NO LAW THAT SHOULD PROTECT THIS KIND OF INHUMANE BRUTALITY PERIOD! This man basically gang executed a live horse on video and posted it on Youtube as a huge appeal to get attention. It should be a crime of violence!
    Perhaps we should thank him and his horse victim for bringing more exposure and a spotlight to the plight of our horses.
    I am writing you from Ashland Oregon

    Thank you for listening and taking my views into consideration.
    Lila Harding
    Horse trainer, enthusiast and now activist

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