DO YOU USE MANE OR TAIL BAGS? Do they always fall off in the pasture? Well… I have an idea for you!

Hubby brought home news and brochures for me… he said one of his employees was having great success with her handmade mane and tail bags with all of her horsey friends…, so she went into business “Blooming Tails – the best tail bag you will ever own” and she is doing GREAT!

(No affiliation but I should probably get a few for my Morgans…)

Well, I’m not a mane or tail bag person – but I should be, especially in this mud.  Since I no longer show, I guess I don’t really think about grooming in that way.  But, Gwen and Annie could sure use some extra attention in this area…

Anyway, I have not yet used these bags HOWEVER,  Hubby tells me that ‘they are flying off the shelves’.  So, I’m guessing they work really well.  He says they are well made and she really really cares about each and every piece she makes.  And, they are affordable ($35.95) and will last forever!

The design is simple and they look very easy to apply.  I like the colors.  Also, my favorite part, it looks like no one could accidentally tie them too tightly.

Here is the website.  Tail bags AND mane bags!

Click to go to website.


From the site:


From the site: 

“Blooming Tails”

The tail bag that stays put!

Blooming Tails equine tail bags are a Trademarked and Patented design.  This unique  design has been created and hand made in the U.S.A. by me, a horseman for horsemen because frankly I got really tired of searching in my corrals or out in the pastures for the elusive tail bag.  Proven to last and last, keeps the tails clean and helps tails to grow.   Though I cannot guarantee my bags will promote growth, I can tell you that my own results have been incredible. Stays on even in open pastures. You’ll love these bags.

Built with durable 420 Denier pack cloth stitched using outdoor UV thread and triple stitched in the critical places for strength. The X’s on front and back makes a pretty design, but also serves as a stopping point for rips or tears should that happen to your bag. The hook & loop opening on the right side of the bag gives more room to put your braided tail into the bag. Together with the unique one wrap, loop through the braided tail, and fringes at the bottom for fly swatting, makes this bag not only the prettiest on the market, but also the most functional tail protection and the only bag you’ll ever want to put on your horses again!


I could really use these for Gwen…  Same bags, same quality, but smaller.  You get 3 bags for $45!  She swears they don’t fall out!

Here is the link for the mane bags.

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There were 5 pregnant, newly rescued mares at Skydog Sanctuary when I visited.  All had been threatened with slaughter in kill pens before Skydog came to the rescue.  All will foal miracle babies – thanks to Skydog Sanctuary.

Two of the mares, Aerial and Pammie, were with the now gelded stud, Bear, when they were in the killpens.  It is thought that they were impregnated there and that Bear is likely the sire of both foals.

The great news is that they were all saved together – and they still live together.  Bear, Pammie and Aerial continued to live together, as their own loving herd, at Skydog.  When I visited Remi, Rojo and Sam in October,  I looked in on Aerial and Pammie and they looked very pregnant then.  So, it is no wonder that these babies are winter foals.  Aerial had her baby, Whisper, a few weeks ago.  You can read that story here.

And Pammie had her foal just a day ago!

(Make sure to scroll to the end to see all the pics and also THE NEW SKYDOG STORE!)


Via Clare on the Skydog FB page!

Good Morning to Little Bear – three hours old and healthy, happy and beautiful. Mama Pam doing well and moving nicely. Baby is drinking albeit a little cold and wet with the rain

So Little Bear’s first day was a wet one that’s for sure. We have dried him off a few times but the mama does not want a blanket on her baby so he is a little wet but curled up in dry straw under the trees and not shivering so all is well. His first photo shoot and it was hard to choose as he looks beautiful in all of them !!! It is so sweet as Whisper is watching over him wherever he goes. Mama doesn’t want Bear near so I am glad she has buddied up with Aerial and the foals seem happy to play together. With Aerial Whisper definitely seemed as though he was trying to keep up with mama but in this case Pammie is trying to keep up with Little Bear. He is running around and curious about everything and anything. Hopefully he dries off before nightfall – it has stopped raining now finally so fingers crossed ! They are one happy happy herd today and Bear’s chest is puffed up and he wants to talk to everyone – such a cute sight to see. Some photos of the new boy, a few hours old now and growing fast x

Little Bear and Mama Goldie x (Pammie)

Warm milk is helping him lots today

Such a little cutie already

I will never get over how they come out so perfectly ready for life and action – its natures miracle for sure

Pam keeps her nose on her boy trying to keep him close

Off and running around

The family enjoying the brighter afternoon

Welcome little bear x

Whisper watching over his new little brother

Playing with his bedding


And one more post before I go back to work. Apparently I am good at a lot of horse related things but NOT telling the sex of a brand new baby foal. In my defense (a) it always seems to be in a blizzard or a rainstorm, (b) I am way more interested in kissing their noses than the other end, (c) everything is very very small a couple of hours in, AND (d) apparently I get so excited about their arrival that I cannot see straight. YES you guessed it. The new foal is a GIRL. Which brings us to a small point of her name. We were calling “him” little bear but that doesn’t seem to fit her as she is such a sweet feminine little filly. A couple of things about her – she never stops, she has more energy than I have ever seen she literally runs laps from morning to night and it’s all her mama can do to keep up. She is friendly as can be and will sit down in your lap if you tickle her butt. She is very nibbly and gives kisses better than any foal I have ever met. So if any of this inspires you to a name….we welcome all ideas. Whisper was named by one of you so it seems fitting we let you guys name our new little girl……here she is when the sun came out yesterday x


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Four of our great hats being modelled by four INCREDIBLE supporters of Skydog Sanctuary – Leona Lewis, Camilla Dallerup, Patsy Palmer and Rachel Hunter xxxxx

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