ALL NON-PROFITS: THE EQUESTRIAN TRUST IS ACCEPTING PROPOSALS… In 2017, they granted $130,000!! If your programs fit the criteria, get your proposals in! Read on!

This Press Release was in my mailbox…  The USA EQUESTRIAN TRUST is asking for proposals for 2018.  Please forward this to all the equine non-profits that have programs similar or in kind with the programs awarded in 2017 – indicated below.



2018 Grant Application Deadline Is May 7

April 12, 2018 — Lexington, KY — USA Equestrian Trust® announced today it has awarded more than $130,000 in grants to help fund equine-focused projects at 12 non-profits. The organizations receiving funding all submitted applications as part of the Trust’s 2017 application period. Since the inception of its grants program, the Trust has awarded nearly $2.1 million in grants.

The Trust is also pleased to announce it is now accepting proposals from IRS-registered equine non-profit organizations for its 2018 grants program. To submit an application, visit and complete the online form. Any organization applying must submit copies of its IRS non-profit determination letter and most recent Form 990, as well as a proposed budget for its project. The deadline to submit applications for the foundation’s 2018 grants program is 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday, May 7.

The Trust’s financial support has been dedicated largely but not exclusively for initiatives that are productive across several national-level discipline and/or breed boundaries. The Trust welcomes applications for need-based projects and encourages applicants to detail those in their applications.

The projects funded as part of the 2017 grants program were:

AMERICAN YOUTH HORSE COUNCIL ($5,000) to support its 2018 annual symposium that educates youth on all facets of the equine industry through demonstrations, presentations and discussions.

DRESSAGE4KIDS ($4,000) to support its 2018 Weekend Equestrian Program recently held in Connecticut. The educational event annually offers up to 60 presentations geared to people of all ages, disciplines and skill levels.

EQUINE ASSISTED TRANSITIONS ($8,000) to expand summer equine programs focused on members of the military and their families. Located near Fort Campbell, the organization has provided more than 400 individuals with an introduction to horses.

HOPE AND HEALING AT HILLENGLADE ($25,000) to expand its equine therapy programs for veterans, active military, and at-risk inner city women and children. The funding will help the organization finish facilities that will allow year-round work with up to 2,000 people.

OMAHA EQUESTRIAN FOUNDATION ($5,000) to fund educational workshops for riders, trainers and caregivers.

SACRAMENTO AREA HUNTER JUMPER ASSOCIATION ($5,000) to offer a free training clinic to its members, who are entry-level exhibitors and low-budget owners. The money for this grant was allocated from funding reserved for Hunter/Jumper activities in California and Nevada.

SECOND CHANCE THOROUGHBREDS ($1,200) to support an educational clinic focused on retraining Thoroughbreds.

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY ($5,000) to support its equine science program. The program offers an introduction to horses to more than 500 elementary, middle and high school students annually.

THE LIVESTOCK CONSERVANCY ($10,500) to support its National Endangered Equine Summit that brought together leaders from around 50 associations representing endangered breeds.

UNITED STATES EQUESTRIAN FEDERATION ($40,000) to support the 2018 U.S. Saddle Seat World Cup Team.

UNITED STATES SPORT HORSE BREEDERS ASSOCIATION ($2,000) to fund an educational booth to display at major equestrian events.

WILLIAM WOODS UNIVERSITY ($20,000) to support construction of the Center for Equine Medicine, which will house a fully equipped veterinary clinic, hospital-quality stalls, a small riding arena and a classroom with a teaching laboratory.

Funding available for USA Equestrian Trust grants includes around $30,000 reserved for Hunter and Jumper non-profit programs and activities in California and Nevada. Applicants for this fund should make clear their intention to apply for grants available from this specific reserve.

If you have any questions about applying, please e-mail

About USA Equestrian Trust
USA Equestrian Trust’s mission is to assist in preserving and/or enhancing the quality of equestrian sport in ?the United States of America. Its objects and purposes are exclusively charitable, educational and dedicated to the fostering of equestrian sports. The Trust is a private foundation pursuant to the United States Internal Revenue Code.

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NAME THAT BABY! Goliath and Red Lady had a magnificent COLT!

Over the weekend, Goliath and Red Lady had a splendid foal!  A colt!  He is glorious and strong – and so coordinated for a tiny foal!  I am amazed at his baby skills!

HOWEVER, the really fun part is that Skydog Sanctuary needs donations for hay and all the other needs of 70+ horses… So they are offering a donor contest for naming rights to this new foal!  If you donate or purchase anything from their shop, Skydog will put your name choice into the hat – to be chosen by random draw!

He is so alert – and look at his muscling already!

Red Lady and baby colt!


But the bittersweet news right now, is that HARDLY ANY people have donated to the Skydog Sanctuary hay fund (tax time- ugh), so there is a HUGE chance that YOUR CHOICE MAY WIN!

How great would THAT be?!  You naming the very precious and last foal of amazing wild mustang Goliath?!  Wow!  What an honor!

What a strong baby!!

HERE IS THE MESSAGE FROM SKYDOG ON THE MANY WAYS TO ENTER THIS CONTEST (for a great cause – supporting Skydog Sanctuary!)

From Skydog:

Hello from a cold and clear Oregon Skydog this morning. Alright we need to name this foal and we need to raise some money for our Hay Fund !!! I would love to be able to pick a winning name in the next couple of days. To have the chance of choosing Red Lady and Goliath’s foal’s name you just have to go to our website at and hit donate. You can then either write the name you choose on your donation or come back and comment the name and say that you donated. So far we have had only 15 donations so we have 15 names to choose from. You can donate anything from one dollar upwards to have a chance to have your name chosen. ??????

If you would like some more creative ways to donate to our hay drive you can also go to the store on our website and buy a calendar, hat or t-shirt then come back and tell us your favorite name

You can also use our Amazon Smile link when you purchase anything from Amazon and a small percentage will go to Skydog. If you make us the charity of your choice you can also come back and let us know that and throw your name choice in the hat

Right now neither Red Lady or the new baby has a sponsor and neither do most of the horses at Skydog Oregon. We do better with the horses in Malibu because so many of our incredible volunteers sponsor them but let’s show some love for the horses up here. If you sponsor Red Lady or her baby you can even visit them and get a tour from one of our amazing ranch hands or ME. You will also get weekly photographs or videos to your phone of the horse you sponsor that nobody else will have and a certificate of sponsorship as well. All of that for only 100 dollars a month every penny of which will go to feeding and caring for your horse. To sponsor any of our Skydog rescued mustangs go to

You can also donate by starting a Facebook Fundraiser of your own for Skydog Sanctuary to help us care for the horses and rescue more – just look at your Facebook settings and go to Start A Fundraiser and just name us as your charity/non-profit ??????

If you would like to send your donation by check the address is Skydog Sanctuary, 23823 Malibu Road, Suite 50 Box 357, Malibu, Ca 90265 and on the website you can donate through paypal or

I was out this morning feeding our beautiful family and it was so adorable as baby had laid down in mama’s hay and was all snuggled up looking as adorable as he could be. These horses truly take your breath away when you see them up close and personal and it continues to be such a marvelous miraculous sight. Family. The way it should be.


Here is the link to watch a video of this very new baby!


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