UPDATE on our MAY BUCKET FUND HORSES! PLUS: An opportunity to help these horses through HAND-MADE CARDS!!

We are mid-month and I wanted to show you the miraculous recovery some of these 53 horses we are helping through the DROP IN THE BUCKET FUND in May.

First of all, it is amazing how good food will cure so many ills, eh? Groceries.

Luckily, many of these horses were young.  They may have everlasting issue due to the lack of nutrition, but they are fighters.

You can read the original story here.


Here are updates on the 4 horses we featured:

1)   22 year-old mare who was very pregnant and very, very malnourished.  Well, she had her foal… but it did not survive.  It might have survived if the mother had any strength to birth him properly.  But, as it was, she could not rise or lick his sack off of his nose.  No one knows if he was born alive. He was still in his sack when they found him in the wee hours of the morning.

The mother gave no indication that she was going to foal that evening.  When she was found having foaled, she was laying down.  Unable to rise.

She finally did rise.  Sadly, the mare is checked out and depressed.  The volunteers are fighting so hard for her.  Everyone is doing their very best for her.  Brushing, nurturing, lots of great food, fresh water… they all wonder how many foals she has lost in her previous horrid conditions.

This poorly mare delivered her foal but she was too weak to tend to him and he either was stillborn or perished/suffocatd in his sack. She gave no indication she was going to foal…

2)  Skinny mare with horrible coat.  She is doing very well!  Although still very skinny – with love and nutrition, her new coat is looking better.  This girl has a clear path to recovery thanks to her volunteers.

She looks much better!

3)  Coming 2 year-old filly who couldn’t stand and had to be propped up with hay bales.  Her recovery is remarkable.  Yes, this foal was taken first, about a month ago.  She was so bad, she was removed before all the others.

Look at her now!  She has had the best care for a bit longer than the others.  Wow!

She is still small, but she looks great! A job well done!

4)  The coming 2 year-old that was less than 200 lbs when he arrived and smaller than most weanlings.  You might not be able to see how skinny he was due to his rough coat, but they say he was very, very bad.  Touch and go bad.

This 2 year old colt weighed less than 200 lbs!! He is so much better.

THANK YOU FOR HELPING THESE HORSES!  We are $1600 short of our goal.  I’m trying to think of ways to continue growing our Bucke Fund for these horses.  THERE ARE 53 to nourish back to health!  Donate here!

All donations through this button are 100% tax deductible!

ALSO, One of our very supportive readers, Doris, sent 60 handmade cards for us to use as a promotion for these horses.

Doris McQuiddy took all of these lovely, scenic photographs, printed them all, cut them to size, added her special signatures, added photos to the back –  and sent them to me FOR THE BUCKET FUND HORSES!!!!

Thank you, Doris!

Click the below buttons and we will send to you a selection of these handmade cards (shipping included)!  We only have limited sets so come get ’em!


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All the monies we will then donate to the May Drop in the Bucket Fund!  You will love these cards!  Such a bargain for all this love!

All the cards are beautiful and come with envelopes. I will select a nice set for you!

All beautiful photography by Dorothy McQuiddy. She created and printed these cards with love for the Bucket Fund horses.

Even the backs of the cards have so much detail!



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The natural scent of your horse is all part of the experience… I now know how much.

In January of this year, I had that awful flu that most of California had…  for me, it was the worst cold/flu that I had ever experienced.

And now, my sense of smell is very dulled.  It hasn’t come back.

Some of that is a blessing~ because I had a too powerful sense of smell.  I think I irritated Hubby often with my, “What’s that smell?” or “What did you have for lunch?”…

But now, that SpideySense nasal prowess is – GONE.

And, I’m sad about it.  Mostly because of my animals.

This is Gwen with the farrier last week. She is the MOST fragrant horse I own. I sunk my nose into her neck – nothing. I had been holding out hope that my sense of smell would come back. Not yet.


I feel really badly that I cannot sniff test my older ones, Dodger and Norma Jean.  Besides loving to bury my face into Dodger’s little neck and smelling his musty ponyfragrance; I cannot smell his breath as he blows into my nose – like he has done since the day I met him, 24 years ago.

This makes me very sad.  I miss the bond of that pony breath.

Also, I used my nose to make sure that they were healthy.  I always keep an eye on their breath so I know if they have teeth issues or a sinus thing… or ulcers/stomach issues.

It feels as if I have lost a very familiar diagnostic tool.

Norma Jean and Dodger, my oldsters, with the farrier last week.



As I groom my horses, I have always breathed deeply and wallowed in their natural scents.  I loved the way all of my animals smell, and I could tell one from another by scent.  In fact, I wrote about.  You can read that blogpost here.

Now that I cannot smell them – at all – it has broken my heart.  Hugging and grooming them is not the same without that horsey smell.

And… I cannot smell when things are off.   I cannot smell my tack room either, which is scary.  Makes me want to keep it all really clean.

But what I really mean to say is that I MISS their natural scent desperately.  I had no idea how much ‘breathing in’ the horse scent is part of the whole.  I had no idea that the nose knows – so much.

I’m actually very sad and almost desperate for a cure.  But I have been told that if my sense of smell hasn’t come back by now – it won’t.

If anyone knows of a cure, please, please email me.

In the meantime – GO HUG YOUR HORSE AND BREATH IN.  You will miss it when it is gone.

BG waiting to have her teeth floated. I cannot smell her or even the fly spray I put on her.


MAY BUCKET FUND EMERGENCY SEIZURE! 53 HORSES!  STARVING, PREGNANT MARES, TINY WEANLINGS AND YEARLINGS… click here to read their story.  Click here to Donate!  Thank you!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!

–We are  2/3 the way there to helping ALL of these horses have a better life!  (THIS MARE IN PARTICULAR  JUST BREAKS MY HEART!!   She is 22, starved and pregnant.)

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!